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Functional Artwork for School Fundraising Event.

This is one of the projects that has kept me busy this week and now I will explain you what it is. Natalie's school has a big fundraising event every year where each one of the classes has to bring a project made with the participation of the students. What you will see in the pictures is the project from Natalie's class.


1. One of the parents got a blank piece of furniture and gave it to Natalie's Mom (that's me) so she could come out with an idea for a project.


2. I cut little birds out of paper for the students at Natalie's class so they could paint on them, that was their job and they did it great!


3. I scanned the birds and wrote the names of the students on them so they were ready to be printed on sticker paper to use later as a collage on the furniture. (All the birds have the same eye which I designed on photoshop, I wanted all of them to have something in common).


4. I arranged the birds on the different sides of the furniture to create cute scenes.


5. I also cut some shapes like trees and flowers out of some sticker papers that come with nice patterns (you can find them at Target).


6. With black Acrylic paint I created fern accents on all the sides of the piece.


7. The final result is a functional artwork that could be: a table, a container for toys and a collage to hang on the wall (the top).

This was a great experience and today I am taking this piece to Natalie's school. The way they sell the piece is through a silent auction, very exciting!

Wish us good luck!!!!
And see you later!
Elsita :)