A Little Bug.

Paper bug SMALL

I made this bug out of paper for my Mom. It wasn't a gift really, but a little prank :) I put the bug on my Mom's bed. She was supposed to scream! But instead she said: OH look! A bug! Careful! Don't kill it! Let's put it in the garden. She wasn't wearing her glasses so after she put it on her hand she said: Mm, It's not moving. I think it's dead and it looks dry. Then I told her the truth. We both laughed a lot! That's why I love paper so much. It is such a fun material :o 


I Submitted one of my Designs to Society6.

Iphone sample 1

iPhone case with my design: Purchase it here. (available for 3 different iPhone models)


This is exciting! I have submitted my first design to Society6. I wanted it to have a nostalgic/vintage feeling. This design is available as a print but also as a iPhone case, as a laptop and ipad skin...and more. I invite you to take a look over HERE

For blog print

Have a great day!

Elsita :)





Here's another amoeba for you, this time in red. 

I have been away from this blog because I'm busy doing many things, all of them fun. The only not-so-fun thing is that we all got sick over here, except Diego. As always, he has the strongest immune system ever. How lucky! 

Most of the work that I have been doing is connected to Art is a Way. I'm enjoying every bit of it and I can't wait for January 1st to share it with you. 

It's amazing how fast 2012 is going. Can you believe that in only 3 more months we will be starting a new year?

I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Elsita :)




Here is a drawing of an "Amoeba". I did it to release the stress accumulated in my head from working too much. I lay in my bed armed with a fine pen and paper, so after a long time drawing tons of fine lines my right hand was frozen but the stress was gone. Try this when you need to relax, it works great.

In a totally unrelated note, Bill is now in Venice, Italy,  with the latest movie that he produced. He's there for the Film Festival. Please say hi to him if you're there. He rented a bycicle to move from his apartment to the festival. I wish that I was there!

I hope that you have a nice weekend!

We will have relatives visiting tomorrow, it's going to be fun.

Elsita :)


Drawing small

Here's a little drawing that I created last night. It was inspired by one of the answers from the survey that I am doing from my previous post. Thanks a lot for participating in the survey! I will leave it permanently open. Each answer is important to me. I am taking note of everything.

See you later!

Elsita :)

Possible new banner for my blog about papercutting.

Base copy copy

(you can click on the picture to see it bigger)

A few months ago I started working on this banner. I still don't know if I will use it. I love it very much but the thing is that my brain keeps asking for a detailed colorful paper sculpture instead. What do you think? I also feel like painting on this piece with watercolors. Maybe it could be a nice thing to do during my summer vacation.