Short Hairstyle :)

Natalie april 2010 con fondo.

I was revisiting Natalie's hairstyles from the past and I found this cute one. She looks so adorable! It is from 2010. Natalie's one of those girls that look great in any hairstyle. I was thinking about going back to short hair myself. But I keep remembering how every time I did it I promised myself not to do it ever, ever, ever again.

The last time I cut my curly hair short Diego said that I looked like a broccoli. I love broccoli but I'm not sure if I want to look like it :o


Ps. I need to come back with a current picture of Natalie, after seeing this photo she requested a similar haircut so I made it happen with the help of my magic scissors. She looks so beautiful!!



Little Pink Dress for Natalie :)

Little Pink Dress small

Flower detail small

Natalie and I had the best time designing and making this little dress. I used linen fabric (I love linen! This movie is a must if you're a linen lover) and some beautiful lace from my studio. It looks adorable on Natalie. (If it was bigger I would wear it myself :)

I very intentionally wanted to make a special dress with Natalie now that she's 8 years old. Because one of the most beautiful memories that I have from my own childhood is about my Mom sewing clothes for me when I was that age. Starting at age 8 girls really enjoy the magic of sewing. I hope that Natalie feels inspired to create her own pieces of clothing when she's a little older. Right now I'm just getting her familiar with the field. She already has a small sewing machine ;)

Did your Mom ever sew clothes for you? Do you remember any special piece in particular. My favorite was a long gypsy skirt full of large red flowers and a simple white top that went with it. I loved that outfit!!! 

Thank you sooo much for being here today!

Please, follow me because the secret that I want to unveil today is some special place that I have created for you. CLICK HERE and I will literally see you there in a second.

Elsita :)

Oscars Report (part 2: The accessories)

Yay!! Here is a whole post dedicated to the accessories that I took to the Oscars. Oh accessories! those little things that make such a nice difference when we want to complete a look.

Folded shwal copy

This is a shawl that I absolutely adore and it was made with so much care, all by hand. I purchased it in Vietnam during the same trip where I got the top.

Shwal copy 2

The fabric is a very light and beautiful kind of silk, ivory color.

Shwal detail copy 

The detail is just amazing. I can spend hours just looking at this embroidery.

The jungle 1 copy 

And here is The Jungle again , this time it got SO MANY compliments. Yay!! I can't wait to design some new necklaces with this style.

The Jungle detail copy

Here we see a close up. I remember having the best time of my life making this necklace. Each part of the process was so exciting! I can wear this piece with the most simple outfit and it always works great.

DSC_0003 copy

I wore these mini 18k gold earrings with tiny diamonds. they are from New York, I purchased them some years ago, before I became a Mom. They bring the most beautiful memories to my mind because that was the time when Bill and I used to travel together a lot :)


These Biala Italian shoes are the best! Maybe not super fancy because the heals are not that high but they are sooo comfortable and they look really sweet in person :)

Purse copy

And this is the purse that completed the look. It is vintage and I also love it! I have a whole collection of beautiful vintage purses that I get from flea markets and the most that I ever payed for one of them was $20.

Purse detail copy

Here is a detail of the handmade beaded surface.

Bill and I copy

And I wanted to leave my best accessory for the end!!! His name is Bill, he is vintage from 1959 and he is in good condition!!!


Have a great day my friend!!!

Elsita :)

Oscars Report (part 1: The outfit)

And here I can finally show you some better photos of my Oscar outfit. Bill took these pictures very quickly before we left. Thank you Billy!

Elsa dress copy

The outfit is simple as you can see but it looked nice and feminine and it was also very comfortable.

Back copy

As I told you before I made the skirt myself, the design is super basic. I can wear this skirt over and over with many different tops, that's what i like the most about it.

Face copy

The top is so lovely in person, the color is light but not as white as in the pictures, the real color is ivory and the kind of fabric: silk. I got this top in Vietnam in my last trip with Bill and I love it! When  I first bought it it was too large for me but now is perfect since I have gained some weight since then. Yay!!

And now I have to run!!!
But I will be back tomorrow with some details about the accessories that we can't see in these pictures (shawl, purse, shoes, earrings and necklace)

Have a wonderful day!!

Elsita :)

Dream Dress :)

Good Morning my friend!

Today I wanted to show you one of the most beautiful dresses that I have ever seen on Etsy! I found it at myfavoritevintage, what a great store!


I wanted to purchase it for Sunday but unfortunately it is too small for me :( 


Don't you love the color, texture and all the amazing details?


What a dreamy design!


As I was telling the store owner I would have fit in it a few months ago, but right now I am quiet a few pounds overweigh for my size, nothing too serious. I just have to stop stealing snacks from the kids, Stacy's pita chips to be more exact :o) If you haven't tried them yet, please don't!!!!!


Yesterday was a super busy day. Bill and I had to spend the morning in some important meeting Diego-related and then I had a million things to do.
But then at night I got some nice silk fabric that I had in my studio and I made a long and simple skirt that I like a lot, the color is a light beige. so, for the Oscars, I have decided to wear that skirt with a beautiful ivory, almost white silk top that I got in Vietnam. The two pieces look great together, really elegant and perfect for adding some accessories like jewelry or some hair piece.

And regarding the hair department, I am going to do something that I have never done before, I am going to blow dry my hair for Sunday. My curly hair is really easy to maintain, I cut it myself and I never do anything else than wash it and let it dry. I have done the same thing for about 37 years that's why I am so excited about trying something new, just for fun. I never ever go to the hair salon but I will give myself a little treat on Saturday. Bill's Assistant gave me a hand making the appointment, she is soooooo nice, Thank you Laurie!!! I am not sure if the blow dry little thing will stay still OK for Sunday if I do it on Saturday. Any advice about this? 

The makeup will be simple, I will do it myself and the most important thing is that I will see this event as a way to have lots of fun an disconnect a little bit from my super busy life. These events are always so much fun, not as serious as they look on TV :) You hear lots of jokes, from the stars and everybody else.

And before I go I want to thank you sooo much for all the links and ideas and e-mails from yesterday, I got really inspired to make like 20 dresses for future fancy events!

Now let's have a great day!!!!!

Elsita :)


Yay!!!! Yay!!!!! Yay!!!!!! I am so excited to tell you that I am participating in a coat contest!!! I entered two designs and one of them was selected for the finals. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! Bellow you will see the two designs, the lucky one is the one made out of paper.


The best part is that if I win, the coat will become a real coat! You know, the kind of coat that we wear for real during the Winter!!! And then the coat will be available for sell!!!!! And 100% of the sells will go directly to the Farm Animal Sanctuary. Isn't this wonderful!!! If I don't not win I will have a tiny paper coat in my closet anyway :o Plus I will treasure all the fun I had creating these two designs.


This contest was launched by beautiful Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart who is someone really special who does lots of things for protecting nature. Here you can visit her blog.


Now I invite you to vote for one of the coats that made it to the finals, it is very easy: just click HERE and pick your favorite one :) If mine happens to be your favorite one I want to say THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! But if not don't worry at all because I won't ever know and you will be happy because you did the right thing :)
And before I go I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to all the artists that participated in this contest, wether your design made it to the finals or not, in the end the most important thing is that we did our little part for a good cause :)

See you in the next post!
I mean, the one underneath this one:


There is a branch for every bird! :)


The other day I went to Ross and got this wonderful little jacket (first picture) for $12.99. I was walking through the alleys of the store where thousands of pieces of clothes were waiting for their perfect buyers, but non of them talked to me. I was ready to go when I heard something, like psshhshh... WHAT? (I said) Then I looked to my right side and there it was! I saw the little jacket looking straight at me like saying: YES, it's me, you found me!. And I said: ABSOLUTELY, I am taking you with me little jacket! I felt in love with the design, the color, the fabric and the attractive numeric combination of 12dot99 :o!. Once in my studio I saw this bird and brach and CLICK! I immediately got inspired to do something with the jacket! In the second photo you can see what I did. This was a very simple thing to do: I just drew the bird and branches on the fabric with a regular pencil and then I filled up the shapes with this textile paint using a brush. I then ironed the fabric from the back to fix the paint.
Yay!!! Now my little jacket and I are like best friends and we go out together looking happy!

Have a wonderful day and see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

(I am sooo glad to know that you liked the little buttons from our last giveaway! Thank you for participating in the game!!!)

Come to the Oscars with Me!!!!





And here are a few photos of my Oscar dress and I! Look for me on TV in a few hours! If I am wearing a shawl later due to the low temperature you can still look for the helmet-style top of my head, which doesn't deserve to be called haircut or hairstyle. Mami, ver a ver si me ves! (Sorry for the interruption, I was talking to my Mom!) Remember, we will be behind the stars trying to stay there as long as possible. Keep an eye on the security people and see how they will keep asking our behind-the-stars group to move move move, keep moving, keep moving please. We will move a little bit but then we will come back pretending that we have to say something to someone up there... That's more or less how it works! Super silly but lots of fun!

I will be back with an Oscars report as soon as I can!
Have fun you too!
Elsita :)

A Flower in the Darkness.







Good morning my friend!
And here is my dress for the Oscars and the accessories that will go with it! I could write a lot about how I made this dress but instead I would like to point that the little floral embroidery on the belt (made with silk ribbon, thread, crystals and an antique purple cabochon) is what brings this whole piece to life, like a flower blooming in the darkness. This dress is entirely dedicated to my hubby Bill who, in my opinion, is like a rare flower blooming in the middle of the dark and difficult landscape that Hollywood is.

Bill, as I have said before, is one of the most inspiring creative people that I have ever meet in my life and through him I have learned so many amazing things. Through Bill I have learned how to appreciate artistic quality, I have learned how to enjoy movies and how to become a better person thought the lessons that they teach to me. Today from my little position in this modest blog I want to invite you to think about the film world and the Oscars in a completely different way.

Through movies we learn about other cultures and about ourselves. Movies make us think and cry and smile and laugh and experience the most amazing feelings. Films can change who we are, they are like open doors to worlds and things that we wouldn’t know about otherwise. On Sunday I invite you to enjoy what really matters behind the Oscars, which is talent, imagination and creativity. I invite you to think that behind all the illusion that glamour and gold and fame is there are lots of real people like Bill that deeply believe in creating meaningful films that have something important to say to the rest of us. Let’s celebrate movies and let’s give them the place that they deserve in our lives.

I am so excited about attending this event on Sunday.
I will be celebrating with Bill and our friends and I will be sharing everything with you afterwards!
Please join me in this adventure!!

Elsita :)