The Surgery was a Success!!!



Just a line to let you know that Bill had his second foot surgery this morning and it was a success! The surgeon removed the metal plates and all the screws plus some hard tissues that seemed to be what was causing the pain. It's kind of painful to write all these words (screws, hard tissue, metal...) but I have to be strong! I'm a full-time nurse again, with an assistant, Bill's Mom is here helping.

Please wish Bill a quick recovering!

Elsita :)

Bill's Birthday!

Pink copy


Yesterday was Bill's birthday :)

We had a very special lunch together but the real celebration will be tomorrow. Yay! We will be doing something with my Mom who is visiting from Florida and the kids. I feel the luckiest person ever for having the luxury to celebrate one more year of Bill's existence. Just a few months ago Bill fell from 20 feet in Malaysia but managed to survive such an extreme accident. I think that he has extra natural powers. I love you forever Billy!!!!!

Elsi :) 

(In an unrelated note: the bird necklace is already listed here :)

A little Hollywood Night :)

On Monday Bill asked me in a very casual way: Elsa, would you like to see Woody Allen's latest movie? I got invited to a screening tonight. OF COURSE! I said! And after arranging who was going to help us stay with the kids at home I got dressed and to the screening I went with Billy!

As soon as we got there the female star of the movie walked into the building at the same time as us. She was looking soooo beautiful and her high heals were sooooo high that it was almost painful to watch her walk, but she did it with grace, looking very natural. She looked so happy and excited. 

As she approached the  crowd of photographers and the press, she started doing her little posing for the cameras and then she went into the theater with a smile. I enjoyed watching the whole thing, those are the little silly little moments that complement the more serious things, too bad that I didn't bring my camera.

Once in the theater we saw many of our friends, we said hi to them and went to our sits. There were many important directors and producers in the audience. Everybody was curious to see Wooden Allen's latest movie.

Someone introduced the movie by saying that of course, Wooden Allen wasn't there, as always, because he thinks that the actors do the job and it is not necessary for him to add anything.

The movie started and then the miracle happened! Minute by minute the audience (not a very easy one to please) started getting more and more engaged with the movie, at some point everybody was laughing, LAUGHING HARD, WITH HONESTY! And by the end, every person there was really happy about having seeing one of those special movies that stay forever in our hearts!

The name of the movie is WHATEVER WORKS. And it is one of the best movies, in my opinion, that Woody Allen even made. SO FUNNY, DEEP, ORIGINAL, UNIQUE. You have to see this movie my friend, I highly recommend it!

I don't know exactly when this movie is coming out but it should be soon. It is based on a script that Allen wrote in the seventies but it is such an timeless story.

Oh! good movies are the best thing on Earth! How much I enjoy them!

Lots of love!
Elsita :)

Watch out! A Great Comedy is Cooking!! :)

Bill is working hard producing his next movie, but he's also laughing a lot because it is a comedy!. He is leaving the house early and coming back late but the wonderful thing is that this movie is getting made right here in Los Angeles. Yay!! This is the first time that Bill doesn't have to travel far away (Romania, Vietnam, China..) to make a movie. So far he has been pretty international but Thank God this time he can come back home every night. I am sure that you're going to love this movie, it is going to be soooooo funny!!!! Believe me!!


Above is a photo that Bill took from his cell phone so I could have a little idea about how things are looking over there.

Here are some of the funny men in the movie, from left to right: Tracy Morgan, Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock

I have always thought that the smartest people on planet Earth are good comedians. They have a gift for seeing a lot more than regular people can see. One of the hardest things in life  is to get to the core of things through humor. That's some sort of art that only a few humans can really master. 

Yay for comedies and comedians!!!! 
I really appreciate them!

Elsita :)

On the hidden Seed today: The Assistant :)

Tiny Hollywood Report from Elsita :)

Dear friend, we are right now in what's called the award season here in Hollywood. That means lots of parties going on pre-Oscars related. Once in a while I join Bill in these events and they are always so fascinating from my own outsider point of view, I enjoy them a lot, specially the yummy food :o but also getting to meet some stars in person :) 


One of the most wonderful people that I met in one these parties was Jon Hamm, you see his picture above. I don't watch TV due to the lack of time but I understand that he is a big star from a TV series named Mad Men.

This man is not only extremely handsome in person, but he is also one of the most down to earth guys from Hollywood. I was briefly introduced to him and he was so charming! I stayed discretly on the side while he was talking with Bill and another person, then, before we left he pointed at the necklace that I was wearing and said: "your necklace is so beautiful, I love it!" Can you believe it!!!!???? Big stars are normally too busy in their own ego-worlds and they don't notice anything around them, that's why I was so surprised to get Jon's compliment. I gave him a BIG THANK YOU and he gave me a beautiful smile back. Just perfect! 

It takes so little to make another person happy, it is all about the small things and I think that Jon Hamm understands that. Yay for Jon Hamm!!!!!

And see you tomorrow!

Elsita :)

(Have you ever watched Mad Men on TV?)

Bill's New Office :)

I am sooo exited about Bill's new office! I love it!!! I have been looking forward to sharing some pictures of it with you here and today I can finally say: Let's go for a little tour! 

ABill's office 

This office is located in a wonderful (just remodeled) building with a vintage-industrial-organic-tasteful-cool-independent feeling/style, located in a great area in Los Angeles. This building is owned by Bill's friend who is a Commercial Director and a beautiful human being. There is a lot of good creative energy going on in this space all the time.


Bill did a wonderful job turning this office into a cozy and inspiring space from which he will be running Wonderful Films. His assistant (she is getting married soon! We love her!) will operate from a different space in the same building.

Bill's office 1 

As you can see Bill placed large photographs of the children close to his desk, they are always his main source of inspiration :) 

The four framed pictures above the bookcase are original vintage paintings from the time when the Hollywood posters were designed 100% by hand, including the fonts. They are amazing in person.

Artwork wall
Bill has a great taste for furniture, every piece in his office is special. 

The office only needs a wife's touch!! But I am working on that already :) I am making a large papercut for the raw brick wall that you see in the picture. That will be my special present for Bill's 50th birthday In March.

Bill already knows that I am making this papercut for him, but he is not allowed to see it until March 2nd. Yay!!!! 
Let's wish Bill all the best in his journey as an Independent Producer, I know that the result of his hard work will turn into wonderful movies that we will have the fortune to enjoy. As I said in a previous post, I'm sooo excited about the new projects that he is developing!

Lots of love!!!
Elsita :)

Congratulations Billy!!!!!!!



That is sooo wonderful!!!!!!!! It makes me so happy when a good movie gets the deserved recognition. I want to congratulate and thank Bill for all the effort that he put into helping that movie get made! (His credit is as an Executive Producer) I also want to congratulate Sean Penn for his remarkable performance and every nominee, they all deserve their nominations!!!! Big special congratulations to  Gus Van Sant for his brilliant direction, he was so smart about finding the perfect way to tell such an important story.

And I can't even tell you how excited I am about the new films that Bill is developing right now, this time as an Independent Producer, from his own company WONDERFUL FILMS. I will keep you informed about everything!! 

Have a happy Friday my friend and a great weekend!!
Elsita :)

Little Gift from Bill :)

Billy came back from the Sundance Festival and as always, he brought little gifts for all of us. Mine is the one in the picture and I LOVE it!! Isn't it amazing how the most simple things are the greatest! I wore this pin the whole time yesterday and it felt wonderful.

Creativity can solve anything (small)

I am going to place this pin somewhere close to my computer in the studio so I can remember that CREATIVITY CAN SOLVE ANYTHING. I just wanted to share my little present with you today :)

Have a very creative day my friend!!!

Elsita :)

Doubt, the Movie.

Today a little Hollywood report:

The other night, before my Mother in law went back to Chicago, we attended the premiere of Doubt, the movie where the girl in the picture bellow is the protagonist. I was so tired that night, but I really wanted to see this girl in person and also I wanted to see the movie so I got dressed up in my premiere uniform and out I went. I admire her so very much, for her talent, her intelligence and natural personality. She was wearing something really simple and her best accessory, as always, was her smile.

Meryl Streep-GLA-005804

From my modest point of view I can tell you that she is the real deal, she was born for acting but at the same time, in person,  she is one of the most natural individuals out there in Hollywood. She walked on the red carpet, she saw the movie and then she joined the big crowd for the party after the movie and she did all this in the most natural way, she didn't look like a celebrity at all. There were lots of celebrities in that premiere as you can imagine but she was my very favorite one. 

We left the party soon because I was just sooo tired! Bill got trapped in one hundred conversations so we asked him to stay and my Mother in Law and I left in my car. It was a nice experience and I enjoyed the movie very much. And a little great detail is that  Jennifer's niece (from PinkyBrownyinc) is in the movie!! Yay!!! Congratulations to her!! Maybe one day she will be a famous actress :)

Have a great day!

And I will be back tomorrow!!!

Elsita :)

Last night was GREAT!

Dear friend,

The Los Angeles premiere of Milk was amazing. Wonderful people came to the event and the atmosphere was great. This is the second time that I watch the whole movie and went through the same emotions that I experienced the first time, what a powerful story and what a deep performance by Sean Penn. I can't wait for you see this movie, I know that you are going to appreciate it.

Among the celebrities that came to the event I saw Winona Ryder who was sitting a few seats in front of us. She was wearing a nice and simple dress that looked vintage to me. I once saw her in a vintage store on La Brea street, that's my favorite vintage store in LA and maybe the dress that she was wearing was from there :o
I also saw Hilary Swank. I heard someone behind us introduce herself to an old couple, she said: Hi, I am Hilary :) then I looked back and there she was with her beautiful smile. She is a very nice lady, her conversation was so natural, she didn't look like a celebrity at all.
There was also Jack Nicholson , he is one of my favorite actors. Nicholson is definitely getting old but his sense oh humor is still young :)
The were many other celebrities and they were all moved by the movie, everybody cried. After the projection there was a big party in the same building (the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science). People in the party came to congratulate Bill for the film. I felt very proud of him for being part of this wonderful movie :)

I have no pictures of myself because we had no time at all for portraits, we had to run from our home!!! But I wore one of those black uniforms that are very useful in Hollywood, nothing special but very comfortable. I ate more than I should in the party :o (including different desserts) but today I will go back to normal :)
And tonight Bill and I are going back to the Academy building but in a different kind of business: Bill, as a member of the academy (you know, the people that vote for the Oscars) is going to be in the commission for foreign movies. MY FAVORITE ONE! I get to see all the foreign movies that are competing. There are many rules for these kinds of things. In order for Bill to vote he must see a number of movies from the beginning to the end and the voting process is top secret and for real, nobody knows the results in advance. As part of the rules, I am not allowed to talk about the movies that we are seeing every Friday. I wish I could!!! Because some of them are amazing!

Now I am leaving but first I want to wish you a wonderful Friday and a beautiful weekend.
I will see you on Monday!

Elsita :)