This typewriter has a mind of its own!

I wanted to write a special letter for Bill for Father's Day with my old typewriter but she refused to cooperate :o  Old typewriters are very particular. 

Typewriter small


I bought my rusty typewriter some time ago but it's only now that I'm using it (or trying to). What an experience! Every time I attempted to type something on my beautiful acid-free cotton paper I had to start all over again. My brain got all messed up, I thought that I could hit the delete button or do spelling correction but I forgot that only computers do that! This little machine is very strict, she wants me to focus and use my brain properly but I forgot how to do that after so many years using a computer.


Typewriter machine SMALL

This "portable" typewriter weights as much as Diego (at his current weight Diego is not portable anymore) and it has as much personality as Diego does as well. I order to make the typing experience more fun I bought the machine to my bed, I placed it on a pillow  but she did not like it at all. It kept falling on one side or the other. I put it on my lap but the weight killed my circulation. This typewriter doesn't want to be treated like a laptop. I finally had to treat her like a typewriter so I put it back on the table. Perfect! She loves it! 

I almost forgot to tell you that I named her Mildred. I'm sure that we will get along well, eventually. I hope that she enjoys the idea of collaborating with me in order to do something creative. Now back to taking care of the last details before Bill arrives!



Elsita :)

(And thanks a lot for the Facebook hugs sent from my sidebar,  they make me happy!)

Band-Aid magic?

This morning I had a mild headache (I have been sick for a few days) so Diego and Natalie put some band-aids on my forehead to see if it helped. It was magic! The headache disappeared! ;)

Suddenly, Diego had a "stomach ache"! He demanded that I put a band-aid on his belly button. I did it and he felt so much better after it. But then, (I didn't see it coming at all) he started suffering from a terrible toothache! So terrible that it gave him the giggles :o He wanted a band-aid on his front teeth. I suggested that we go to see the dentist instead. But his toothache disappeared immediately. Thank God! I was starting to get "worry" ;)

To tell you the truth, Diego is made out of some rare material because he NEVER gets sick. Natalie and I don't get sick often, but we're both sick right now. But Diego? Nada. I'm starting to believe that having a permanent positive state of mind and a good sense of humor is really good for your health. Diego has both. And in a much higher degree than the rest of us in the family!

Pre-interview with Diego :)

Me: Diego, one day I'd like to interview you for my blog. Is that OK?

Diego: SURE.

Me: Do you like blogs?


Me: Do you know what a blog is?

Diego: NO.

Me: Would you like to have a blog when you grow up?


Me: Well, you know, that's up to you.

Diego: OK.

(Pause to explain him what a blog is...)

Me: Diego, when do you think that we can do the interview?

Diego: On January at 5:35

Me: Why did you pick that date?

Diego: I DON'T KNOW.

Me: Do you think that we can do it before that date?

Diego: SURE.

Me: OK, I will let you know when I'm ready with the questions.

Diego: OK

Me: By the way, do you know what an interview is?

Diego: NO

Me: Well, it's basically when someone asks you a question and then you answer.

Diego: Can I ask you a question?

Me: Yes, go ahead.

Diego: Have you seen my 3-D glasses?

Me: I didn't know that you had 3-D glasses.

Diego: Can you buy me 3-D glasses?

Me: Yes, let me see where I can find a pair for you.

Diego: Maybe at Whole Foods?


The end :)