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Fox dark

A little fox that I drew for Natalie :)

Dear friend,

Let's build a blogroll for! I want to encourage visitors to use our blogroll to find like-minded creative people. That list will be a great way for the Art is a Way community to get to know each other by visiting each other's blogs.

Thanks a lot for submitting your information and have a great weekend!

(Also, I want to say that Art is a Way is a blog not only for artists, Art is a Way is for everyone who believes in the power of imagination and creativity)

Below is the form for you:  

Art is a Way.


Dear friend, as the end of this year approaches my excitement grows bigger and bigger! Because the launching of Art is a Way on January 1st of 2013 is getting closer and closer. I have dedicated tons of hours to building  Art is a Way and I'm happy to say that 97% of it is already finished. What is left of 2011 will be for taking care of the details. I can't even tell you how happy I am with this new creation. It is a dream come true. 


Here is photo just for fun :)

I hope that you are as excited as I am. I'm building Art is a Way for you. The first photo is a little something related to a project that I consider to be the core of Art is a Way. It is an exciting project for creative people from all over the world to be part of. I wish that I could tell you right now. But let's not spoil the surprise :)

Instagram will be one of the tools that I will be using for Art is a Way. Here is one of my two Instagram accounts in case you want to follow me now, the second is coming out on January 1st, at the same time as Art is a Way. If you don't have an Instagram account, I encourage you to get one. It's free, good for creativity, and lots of fun once to understand how it works. But I will also be using Flickr (a special Flickr group) Tweeter and Facebook. I want to use the main social networks to reach creative people like you and me so I can invite them to be part of Art is a Way. My project will be a baby in January, but I will work hard to turn it into a strong community for us to feel proud of. It will take a couple of years to get there but we can make it happen, yes we can do it! 

I'm so excited!

Have a wonderful day and I will keep you posted as soon as I have a chance!

Elsita :)

Just a Little Heart Attack.

A friend just sent this video to me and I couldn't help it but share it with you. Now I understand how things go viral on the Internet :) The video is directed to women but it equally applies to men. This is how life looks like for millions of people. I do my best not to be one of them. It works many times and other times it doesn't. But we should never give up trying. For our heart's sake. Take care! Elsita :)

I am so upset.

Dear friend,

A representative from a large company related to the apparel business has contacted Etsy to claim that one of the papercut designs from my Etsy shop has violated  some copyright laws. Meaning that I have copied something related to this company. I have no idea what this is about since nothing visual has been provided. There is no clear explanation. This is so absurd and unfounded. I thought that it was not real, but it is. 

The claim is based on the image below, which comes from one of my papercuts. The original design is here. I created this piece years ago. It is one more of the things that I have created with this signature look that I have been developing for years. My work is personal and honest. That's why the claim from the company in question has left me in shock and upset.

Bird Mask

I have already gotten in touch with them. I received an automatic e-mail so far, which I replied to. All I hope is that this is some sort of mistake and that it can get solved soon. 

Please feel free to post a comment with your opinion about this unfair case. I would appreciate it. Maybe I can send the link to this post to the company. They need to take action and fix this by cancelling their claim with Etsy. A large famous company doesn't have the right to hurt an artist that has been developing a honest career for so long. All I hope is that this is a mistake.

Thanks a lot,


GIVEAWAY!!! --- A little Good-Bye :) --- And Papercuts on Etsy!

Dear friend,

I will be away for a bit of time in order to focus 100% on a series of important things that are demanding my time :)

But I wanted to leave with a happy thing and that is this sweet papercut that I will be giving away at my return. If you would like to win this Alice in Wonderland papercut just leave a comment in this post (It is 5 inches tall)

Alice apple copy

I don't know exactly when I am going to be back, for sure I will need the rest of April plus the whole month of May. Please, wish me good luck and lots of energy! I already miss you but it is always a happy thing to come back from a "trip". I can't wait to be back with you!

Lots of love and I wish you all the best in these comings weeks. I will be a little older at my return because my birthday is on May 9th. The next time I say hi to you I will be 38.

But I also have some good news for you today: I just listed a group of original papercuts on my Etsy store!!! The paper is 100% cotton, acid-free and the color is ivory. Super sweet in person!!!!!

Lots of love!!!!
Elsita :)

Happy Birthday Dear Blog! Happy Halloween! (and a little Giveway :)

Can you believe that my blog turned one year old last month?!!!! I completely forgot (I fell asleep like the little bird in the photo:) But I am going to start celebrating it right now!!! With a giveaway!!! Because it's never too late to celebrate happy things :)


This is a little bird that I made out of linen. I drew the two characters directly on the fabric with permanent ink.

2 birdcopy

The little legs are made out of polymer clay, including the booties :) 


If you like this birdie just leave a comment in this post and I will announce the winner on Monday. Yay!!

Bird in hand copy

But the most important thing that I want to say in this post is:
THANK YOU SO MUCH MY FRIEND FOR READING THIS BLOG, FOR LEAVING YOUR COMMENTS AND FOR YOUR SUPPORT. This blog has been such an important part of my life since I decided to start it last year. I could never imagine that this space was going to bring so much joy into my life. You have inspired me to keep going in the middle of hard times. 

It was in September of last year when we found out that our little Diego was Autistic. That was the most painful news that I ever had to face, I felt as if my world was collapsing. Nobody is ready for something like that. For a second I felt lost and weak and confused and I remember that my way to channel all those feelings that day was to write a post in this blog. I said exactly what I felt and from that day on that's what I decided to do with this space; I decided to be always honest and positive. 

Life is only one and nobody has a perfect life, but we can make it a lot nicer if we just keep a positive mind. This blog has helped me do that and that has been possible only because of you. Let's celebrate this first anniversary with lots of love :)

I want to send you a BIG HUG wherever you are right now! And again, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR BEING SO WONDERFUL, it means the world to me.

Have a Happy Halloween and and a great weekend!
Your friend Elsita :)