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Hola Enero!

1500 THS

I am so happy to be back in this little place :) 

And I am so happy to do it with a new banner! Yay!

Do you like it?

Wishing you all the best in the New Year!!

Elsita :)


Top: Mod Cloth

Skirt: H & M

Shoes: Steve Madden

Belt: Handmade

Tights: Target

Necklace: Made by myself

Background: Drawn by myself


Good-Bye 2009 and See you in 2010!

Dear friend, 

With this post I'm going to say good-bye to 2009. What a year! 2009 has been hard and wonderful at the same time. I'm so glad that I was brave enough to start this blog in the middle of a year where I had to give so much of myself to my children (specially Diego) in terms of time and energy. 


I can't even tell you how grateful I am for your support and friendship through this blog. When I started The Hidden Seed my hope was for you to find inspiration in it and for myself to find joy in something as simple as the act of getting dressed everyday. Those will still be the premisses behind The Hidden Seed next year. Sometimes small things can make a great difference in your life and in 2009 I realized that personal style is one of such things. The way you dress is not going to change the world in a big way but it could change YOUR WORLD and make it a lot nicer, which is great, because that will bring lots of positive energy to the rest of the areas in your life. 

Dancing 1 final small 

 I am really looking forward to the continuation of this adventure next year. I will be back in 2010 with a new banner and lots of new things to share with you. Please come back to keep our connection alive!

See you here sometime in January of 2010!

Elsita :)


Top and Headband: Anthropologie

Skirt: It's my vintage petticoat pretending to be a skirt :o

Shoes: Target

Belt: Handmade

Black and White

Black and white con fondo

Black and white (day and night),  red shoes (blood, fluid, life) a snake necklace (challenges). Here is an outfit full of symbolism. Those  elements/symbols are very present in my life right now but I "wear" them with a smile because in order to win a battle there is nothing more important than a positive state of mind :)

Skirt: Anthropologie

Shirt: Vintage

Shoes: Madden Girl

Necklace: Vintage

Belt: Vintage

My Friend's Wedding Dress

Here I am wearing my friend's wedding dress. I went to visit Maiz the other day because I couldn't wait to see her little newborn's tiny toes in person and I left her home with this beautiful dress and the promise of taking a picture of it with myself as a model for this blog. I felt really honored to wear my friend's dress for this picture. Bill and I never had a "real" wedding when we got married, we have been thinking about doing something special with relatives and friends for our 10th anniversary and this dress is definitely a wonderful inspiration for the dress that I going to design for myself in the future.

Maiz dress

Spending time with my friend was such a treat. We both have busy lives (she has 3 children in total) I adore Maiz because she is just so real, easy, transparent, beautiful, talented, smart and such a great Mom. I feel lucky to have her in my life :)

I hope that you like the picture Maiz!!!

The designer of this unique dress (made out of cotton fabric) is: Julia. The name of her label is also JULIA. Julia is an extremely talented designer, recognized for her unique voice and talent. Her style is elegant, sophisticated and down to earth at the same time, smart, clean... Congratulations Julia! Wearing your design for this photo was a real honor.

Headband: Anthropologie


Simplicity :)

With fondo copy 2 

Dear friend,

Sometimes life calls for simplicity and relaxation. Let's put this concept in practice today by doing three simple things:

1. Look up at the sky/ceiling 
2. Take a deeeep breath with your eyes closed
3. Smile

This little ritual will do wonders for your well-being 
Lots of love from your spiritual coach! :o

La seniorita Elsita :)

Pants: Jones New York
Shirt: Vintage from Etsy (precioustots)
Shoes: Born
Belt: Target

The Assistant :)

Suspenders con fondo (small)

Skirt: Antrhopologie
Shirt: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Lower East Side
Suspenders: Vintage from Etsy (20somethingvintage)
Earrings: Fred Segal

Being an Assistant is one of the hardest jobs ever, specially here in Hollywood. I have met some wonderful Assistants through Bill. Each one was special and it always seemed as if they had extra-human powers. My very favorite assistant is the smartest and cutest woman ever, she is only 85 and she is my neighbor. Sally used to be a Hollywood Assistant many years ago, she worked for some famous people and you would love listening to her stories. She is also an inspiration to me in fashion and style, she wears the most amazing outfits! I want to dedicate this post to Sally :) 

Lots of love to all the assistants in the world!
Elsita :)

Spanish Inspired

And here I am with a Flamenco dancer inspired look :)

Top: Forever 21
Belt: Who knows? :)
Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: Target
Red Flower: Anthropologie
Doll in de second picture: Handmade by me.

Gitana 1

The first time that I saw a professional flamenco dancer (bailaora) in action, I was in Madrid (1998). It was late at night and some friends invited me to this amazing place where someone really talented was going to dance Flamenco.

Gitana 2
She was amazing. Seeing her dance was such an empowering experience. Her expression was serious, but the kind of I-am-a-strong-woman serious or do-not-mess-up-with-me serious. She was just great at expressing emotional strength through her fast, elegant and precise movements. 

This little outfit today is dedicated to my Mom, I know that she is going to like it because I think that in another life she was a Flamenco dancer, otherwise how do we explain her strong personality!? :) 

Espero que te guste mami!

Have a great day my friend!

Elsita :)

* W H I T E *Using White:In most cases white is seen as a neutral background color and other colors, even when used in smaller proportion, are the colors that convey the most meaning in a design. Use white to signify cleanliness or purity or softness. Some neutral beigeivory, and creams carry the same attributes as white but are more subdued, less brilliant than plain white. Use lots of white for a summery look. Use small amounts of white to soften a wintery palette or suggest snow.White coat final copy

White Words: These words are synonymous with white or represent various shades of the color white.

Snow, pearl, antique white, ivory, chalk, milk white, lily, smoke, seashell, old lace, cream, linen, ghost white, beige, cornsilk, alabaster, paper, whitewash.

(This text is part of an article written by Jacci Howard Bear, to read the whole article click here)

Ensemble credits:


Coat: Ambassador Roberta (Tiny store here in Los Angeles)

Pants: Jones New York

Shoes: GEOX

Hat: Ambassador Roberta

Brooch: Vintage from Etsy (20thCenturyFinds)


Have you ever seen a White Lion?

White lion

What does the color white mean in your opinion?

Have a wonderful day my friend!

Elsita :)

(Tomorrow: BLACK)