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A New Cameo Pin for Etsy Plus Some Vintage Brooches from my Collection

Today is jewelry day!

First, I wanted to share a new cameo creation with you (already listed on Etsy) More details about it here.

Rabbit pin on blouse copy

And also, I wanted to show you a selection of birdies from my collection of vintage brooches. Let's keep going downstairs to see them :)

Bird #22

Nest and Birdie

Yellow Bird

Bird #7small

Golden Bird small

1 copy

2 copy

3 copy

5 copy

6 copy

The photos make these birdies look large but they're tiny and so beautiful in person! These little ones make me smile. I adopted them all, one by one, from flea markets, antique stores, Etsy etc. They're my babies :) I have two jewelry boxes: one for my vintage pieces and one for my modern ones or handmade by me and other artists. I still have many more to share with you.

I hope that they bring a little bit of sunshine into your life today :)

Pink Bird

Bird #33.

Bird girl

This brooch is a very special one in my collection. What an amazing piece! I love everything about it: the color, the realistic shape (he looks so alive) the tiny rhinestone eye... The day I found it on Etsy I felt the luckiest girl ever, and I still feel that way every time I see him.

In the illustration you see myself as a little girl offering him a sweet red apple :)

The Night Owl :)

4 copy

Owl1 copy

I promised that I was going to share my collection of vintage brooches with you. So today I am going to start with the first one :) Whenever I have a chance I will be posting a new brooch accompanied by a simple illustration. This will help the brooches have a little life on their own when I'm not wearing them. It's not fair for them to have a mute existence in my jewelry box. I hope that you enjoy this silly idea!

Me :)