Bird Doll

Today I wanted to share this new painting with you. This is the second one in a small series for my show in Puerto Rico in December. As I mentioned before, the name of this show is The Hidden Seed, just like this blog :)

Bird Doll copy 


Here we see a girl holding a doll that is half human and half bird. The doll is holding a white ribbon, which represents the line between childhood and adulthood. I was thinking the other day that when you're a child you sometimes want be an adult and when you're finally an adult then you wish that you could be a child again. 

I think that that's the very essence of human nature. We're always gravitating between opposites: dark and light, adulthood and childhood, right and wrong... It is impossible to be always in the perfect place. We're constantly trying to find the center. That's what our journey is all about. It is a cycle that never ends :)


The Hidden Seed Art Show (painting #1)

Dear friend,

I am so excited about sharing this piece with you. I am creating a small series of paintings for a solo show in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The opening will take place on December 10th of this year (2009) This is going to be my last show before I take a long brake from my gallery life.

Silent Tree

I am working late at night and I love it because it's so quiet in my studio. After an intense day being a busy Mom there is nothing better than giving myself a little bit of solo time :)

Face copy

The name of the show will be The Hidden Seed, which is the name of this blog dedicated self-expression and personal style. That's why I will be posting these paintings here :)

Signature copy

These paintings will be about the reasons  that made me start The Hidden Seed blog. Each piece explore ideas like self-esteem, emotional growth, self-confidence etc.

Legs copy 2 

The title of his first painting is: Silent Tree. 

A little girl looking into the mystery of life (tree) with her big eyes. Little girls (as well as little boys)  see lots of things that they can't even name with words. Do you remember when you were a child? Remember when you noticed things that adults didn't imagine that you could understand?  That happens because children develop that special 6th sense that we often hear about. 

What you just read are some of the ideas that were in my mind when I was painting this piece. I would love to hear your opinion about that special 6th sense and children or about anything that comes to mind...

Lots of love!

Elsita :)