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Alexander (The Great :)

My brother Alexander has always been such an inspiration to me when it comes to personal style. Alex was born with a great sense of style and I am so grateful that he let me take the photo below for The Hidden Seed. Yay! Thank you so much again Mano!

Alex fondo final copy

I am sorry that I don't have the credits of what he is wearing in the picture above but as you can see everything is nice and simple and that's what I like the most about my brother's style.

Mano at work

Alex graduated from music school (percussion) and he is so talented! Everybody thought that he was going to become a famous percussionist. But Alex realized that he didn't really enjoy the life of a musician (being up late at night etc). He still enjoyed playing the piano and the drums a lot. When we were growing up I also thought that Alex was going to be a visual artist because he created the most amazing comic books with great drawings and stories. 

Alex now woks in construction, he loves it and he is pretty successful. The whole process from planning to building something is what he really enjoys. Alex can build a whole house from scratch and whatever he builds is always of the highest quality, that's why his customers keep coming back to him because as I proudly say: he is the real deal :) 


I wanted to show you one of his many creations: A fence. Here you can see the before and after pictures.



Yay for Alexander!!!

A proud sister :)

Elsita :)