Not Just a Pretty Dress

Blue dress con fondo

When I saw this post on Jennifer's blog (thanks a lot Jennifer!) I left a comment saying that I wanted the blue dress. And I really meant it.  I had been looking for the perfect dress to wear at Bill's cousin's wedding for weeks so that day I just knew that I had found it. 

Beautiful Girls Amhesrt 9.26

I wanted a beautiful dress that was also in great condition, because my dream is for Natalie to wear it when she grows up (she loves the idea) So I run to Hemlock Vintage and purchased the dress, it was exactly my size. 

Family rehearsal Amherst 9.26

Some objects stay in your heart forever because they're part of special memories. And this dress will be one of those objects.

Mother and Daughter Amherst 9.26

One day when I am very old or when I am already gone I want Natalie and Diego to look at these pictures and remember her Mom in a positive way. 

Natalie Amherst 9.26

That's how memories are built... 


I know it because only recently I was given this photo of my Mom (with the dark sunglasses) my Dad (next to her with glasses) my older sister and brother (seated on the ground,from left to right) and it was as if a huge door had opened to a world that I didn't know anything about. I made my Mom tell me absolutely everything that she remembered about this picture. She told me as much as she could but in the end she said: The thing that I can remeber really well is that little dress that I'm wearing, it was green and I was so in love with it. Maybe one day you can sew yourself a dress like that  :)


Something as simple as a piece of clothing could be so meaningful. My mom's little green dress told me things about her that I never got to know through our conversations. I learned that I have a lot more in common with her than I thought and it feels good. It is nice when you get to connect to your roots in this way.

So, here is this post dedicated to everyone who enjoys and appreciates magic memories and special dresses :)

The Story of my Dream Dress (part 2)

My Mom and I shared the same dream about seeing myself in the lace dress so one day she made it happen, even when it was an expensive dream for her to bring to reality. There was a place in Holguin (the province where I was born) where you could have your picture taken wearing a princess dress. My Mom made the reservation for Saturday Monday and at 8:00 AM sharp we were both there.

Princess for a day copy

It turned out that my Mom and I weren't the only dreamers, there were like a hundred of us in the place!! The house was loud and ready with all the elements to make you feel like a real princess: "fancy" furniture, "glass" (plastic) lamps, "antique" (plaster) sculptures...The only little wrong thing was: THE PHOTOGRAPHER!

The photographer copy

The gentleman seemed to come out from a horror movie. And it wasn't exactly because of his funny teeth, mustache, hair style and was just that he didn't get the point of the princess-for-a-day- experience at all. He was a magic killer! That man didn't stop screaming for a second: HURRY. HURRY, HURRY!! COME ON, NEXT ONE, NEXT ONE! I DON'T HAVE ALL DAY, HURRY, HURRY, COME ON....

Every girl was photographed by the same lamp, in the same position and probably with the same expression as mine. The whole thing took about a minute per customer. It was like a princess dream industry on fire!! We got out of there as soon as we could, but more girls kept arriving.

Then, after a few weeks, we finally got the "wonderful" photograph of Elsita as a princess. My Mom kept this photo for all these years as if it was a real treasure and I am so glad that she did! Now this photo is Bill's property, she gave it to him as a present for his birthday :) Yay!! It is one of the very few pictures of myself from those dark and fun times in Cuba :) 

The End :)

The Story of my Dream Dress :) (part 1)

Cake dress copy

When I was a little girl growing up in Cuba I had a dream: I wanted to wear a big, dreamy, wonderful, amazing lace dress, something like a wedding dress, even if it was only for a few minutes. I had dreams about myself wearing this beautiful dress all the time.

Cake girl copy
I also remember having dreams about myself being a cake girl. This happened because at my sister's wedding someone said that "lace wedding dresses looked like big cakes". The expression had a big impact in my mind so it translated into dreams where I was a walking cake. But I didn't mind being a cake girl at all.

Elsita Quincieanera
And then one day my dream came true! But not in a movie-like way. It came true through a real nightmare and I have the rare photo above to prove it. Just look at my face and you will understand what I mean :o

But tomorrow I will tell you why the experience was a nightmare and I will explain you the circumstances in which this picture was taken :)

See you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

My First Dress :)

With frame copy

Paper copy

Dress: I can't remember if my Mom made if for me, I have to ask her
Shoes: The one-pair-a-year kind (called Kikos) that every girl wore in the island back then
Pair of socks: Borrowed from my brother Rene
Accessories: Gray belt ribbon (improvised) Frida Kahlo eyebrows (came with me at birth :)