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Inspired by: Audrey Hepburn

Dark copy 

Audrey Hepburn inspired this look. I really hope that she doesn't get mad a me :o I will know tonight. When I was little I heard this all the time: if people that passed away get mad at you, they will pull your feet at night while you're sleeping. 
Dear Audrey: I had the best intentions when I put this look together inspired by you. Please, don't pull my feet tonight because I will get very scared! 

Elsita :)

Dress: Vintage from Etsy (Cheesecakevintage)
Purse: Vintage from the flea market
Bow on hair: Vintage pin from Etsy (Penorus)

Mademoiselle Elsita :)

Con fondo (small)Small lady

Here, finding some inspiration in my 19th century friends. Ruffles and flowers and belts and all kinds of things. One more element and Natalie is going to say that I look like a crazy lady :) I wonder how much time my friends spent putting their looks together back then. Fashion in the 19th century required a lot of time and energy. For example: carrying the hat with the planted garden on top seems like a lot of work to me :) But on the other hand I think that they had lots of fun! 

Would you like some tea? :) With cookies maybe? :)

Skirt: Anthropologie
Blouse: Love Stitch
Cardigan: Ann taylor
Shoes: Predictions
Belt: Anthropologie
Headband: Anthropologie
Earrings: Vintage

Girly Girl Ready for a Date :)

Blue shirt con fondo copy

Glass Cameo copy
Vintage purse copy  

The girl with the funny smile has a question: Do I look ready for a date with Bill? :) Yay!!

Bill and I try to have a special date once a week. There is nothing better for reconnecting with each other. Our favorite destinations are: a restaurant that we both like, going to see a good movie, a concert, a comedy show. Sometimes we cannot do it for unexpected reasons (kids-related most of the times) but we always try to do it :)

Skirt: Nine West
Shoes: Michelle K
Cameo on my hair: Vintage from Etsy (Kinkerlitzchen)
Purse: Vintage from Flea Market here in LA
Silk ribbon belt: Handmade by myself

Have a great Thursday!
Elsita :)