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Blue, Gray and a Touch of Mustard.

Gray skirt embroidered top con fondo small

Because I have been falling in love with embroidery lately, I now more then ever appreciate anything that has embroidery on it, like this outfit. Even a little bit of embroidery here and there can give your clothes a special touch. I cannot wait to make some embroidery piece of clothing when I have time :)

Top: Found in Palm Springs last year

Skirt: Anthropologie

Shoes: American Eagle

Belt: Anthropologie

Vintage Embroidered Dress.

Embroidered dress con fondo small

Dress: Handmade Vintage

Shoes: Anthropologie

Belt: Target

Earrings: Barbara Macleod 

I missed coming here. It has been a long time since I wrote the last post. But I'm still alive and strong about the idea that taking care of yourself is an important thing. Here I'm wearing a beautiful hand embroidered vintage dress that my sister in law Marguerite gave me as a present the last time I visited Chicago. I love the white embroidery on the blue background. It reminds me of the beauty of white clouds on a blue sky. We're enjoying a gorgeous weather over here today. Happy Sunday! :)

Blue sky

Cobalt Blue and Mustard Inspiration

Blue dress con fondo 


There is something so special about these two colors. Like two people in love enjoying each other :)

When I found this cobalt blue dress I knew that the perfect accent color for it was going to be mustard.

One day I visited the new Good Will store on Beverly Boulevard and I found the perfect mustard shoes...

In the portrait above you can see them together. I think that they were made for each other :)

The headband and white belt were the final touch. (White belt instead of mustard to make it less predictable)


1500 shoes
 Dress: Mod Cloth

Shoes: Steve Madden

Belt: Target

Headband: Handmade 

Background: Drawn by myself


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