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Red Shoes :)


Shoes 1 


Shoe 2 


Shoes 3 

Some time ago I purchased these little red shoes for $5. And then I decorated them with a sharpie. They looked so special after it. Then, something loco happened! I realized that one of them was the wrong size (1 size smaller). I didn't even try to go back to the store to exchange them as you can imagine :o. But I learned a very good lesson. Don't ever decorate your shoes with a sharpie until you make sure they're both the same size :)



My Lamp Hat :)

Hat con fondo3

I call this hat that way because when I wear it I look like a walking lamp :o that's OK :) Lamps are my friends. One of my lamp friends taught me how to stand upright (see me in the picture).

The other day a boy from Diego's school asked me why I wear hats sometimes and I quickly responded: Because it's lots of fun :) He agreed with me. Hats are lots of fun and they come in such a great variety of colors, materials and shapes! Below you can see some nice ones :)




Crocheted Novelties & Gifts (On Ebay)


yellowfield7  on Etsy.


terrygraziano on Etsy.


Victorian lady with feathered hat (via freeparking on Flickr)

Shoes and Bag

Yellow agachada con fondo

One of the things that I enjoy the most about design is simplicity. The kind of sophisticated simplicity that makes something become timeless. The bag and shoes in these pictures are a great example of it. They were both made in a limited edition of 150. 

Bag copy 

I try to take care of them as much as possible because my dream is for Natalie to enjoy them too when she grows up.

Bag detail copy 

Take a look at the details, the craftsmanship is amazing. This bag goes with everything and the leather is so soft. 

Shoes copy 

And the shoes have such a great personality. They are quiet but full of stories to say and the color is so unique in person.

Shoe detail copy

Oh! And the little button on the side, pure perfection :)

Bag and Shoes: Max&Co.

Dress: Handmade in Vietnam

Silk belt: Handmade by me

Tights: Nordstrom

Vintage Purse

Con fondo

I am in love with my new purse. Vintage little purses are the best, they contain so many secrets, even if you buy them empty :) I always wonder who their owners were and what kind of objects they used to carry in them :) 

Pants: H&M

Shirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Mod Cloth

Belt: Handmade

Purse: Vintage