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Red Shoes :)


Shoes 1 


Shoe 2 


Shoes 3 

Some time ago I purchased these little red shoes for $5. And then I decorated them with a sharpie. They looked so special after it. Then, something loco happened! I realized that one of them was the wrong size (1 size smaller). I didn't even try to go back to the store to exchange them as you can imagine :o. But I learned a very good lesson. Don't ever decorate your shoes with a sharpie until you make sure they're both the same size :)




Sweater gris and yellow tights small

Dear Hidden Seed friends:

It has been a while since the last time I posted on this blog. I had one million reasons to stop doing it. But non of those reasons was planned. It's just that life happened to me in a very intense way last year. 2010 was full of experiences, some of them difficult. But I went through everything and here I am again with a big smile :). 2011 is already being a wonderful year to me. I feel very inspired and full of creative energy. I just wanted to stop by today to say hi and to let you know that I will do my best to post on this blog more often. I appreciate all the e-mails that I got asking when I was going to come back to the Hidden Seed again. Thanks a lot for keeping me in your mind.

Happy 2011!

Elsita :)