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February 2010

Illustrations for Inspiration :)

Here is a little something that I wanted to share with you: 


These are some little drawings that I created some time ago while dreaming about sewing my own clothes.


I was thinking about sewing all of these designs for myself in my next life when I have tons of time available :o


But since that's not going to happen anytime soon I wanted to give them to you as a present.

I posted them here in a large size so you can print them out in case your sewing department needs some ideas.

Happy sewing! Or happy dreaming  about sewing!

Elsita :)



Hello Monday! And I will be away for a while :o


Now that my Dad is visiting it's becoming a little hard for me to take these portraits. I think that I will be away from this blog for a little while. We're doing lots of things together. On the other hand I'm gaining weight by the day because Dad is making me eat a lot more than I normally do. HELP! But I have to say that I am loving it! Dad is cooking for us everyday which is a real luxury. I'm so spoiled. My Dad is such a great cook, we're eating something yummy everyday, and all the dishes are his own creations. Yay!!!

Skirt: Banana Republic

Tank: Anthropologie

Blazer: Forever 21

Shoes: Madden Girl

Brooch: Vintage