Interview with Lisa. A Full Time Apparel Designer for Anthropologie.
With Love, for Diego :)

I am back :)

Con fondo

Dear friend:

As soon as I have a chance this week I will be sharing the report (on my main blog) about my trip to Tennessee and the show opening at Couturier Gallery. I can't wait! 

On the other hand my hair is already back in curly-land. Very soon the curls will be even more tight. Yay! I loved my straight hair but I feel more like myself now. I am still tired from a super busy last week, full of intense experiences. But if I had to do everything over again I would do it without any doubt, it was really great. (I missed you :)

Elsita :)

Top: Banana Republic

Skirt: Love stitch

Shoes: Fluevog

Belt: Nordstrom