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My Friend's Wedding Dress

Here I am wearing my friend's wedding dress. I went to visit Maiz the other day because I couldn't wait to see her little newborn's tiny toes in person and I left her home with this beautiful dress and the promise of taking a picture of it with myself as a model for this blog. I felt really honored to wear my friend's dress for this picture. Bill and I never had a "real" wedding when we got married, we have been thinking about doing something special with relatives and friends for our 10th anniversary and this dress is definitely a wonderful inspiration for the dress that I going to design for myself in the future.

Maiz dress

Spending time with my friend was such a treat. We both have busy lives (she has 3 children in total) I adore Maiz because she is just so real, easy, transparent, beautiful, talented, smart and such a great Mom. I feel lucky to have her in my life :)

I hope that you like the picture Maiz!!!

The designer of this unique dress (made out of cotton fabric) is: Julia. The name of her label is also JULIA. Julia is an extremely talented designer, recognized for her unique voice and talent. Her style is elegant, sophisticated and down to earth at the same time, smart, clean... Congratulations Julia! Wearing your design for this photo was a real honor.

Headband: Anthropologie