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Would you like to see what Brazilian Hair Straightening is? : PLAY VIDEO

My Little Review:

1. Why I love it: My hair feels silky, smooth and it looks really shinny. Plus this treatment is natural and not permanent, over the next 2 to 4 months it will slowly go back from straight to wavy to curly again. What a treat! I can't wait to enjoy my different hair "seasons" over the next few months.

2. It took 3 hours (in my case) to complete the whole process, but it could take longer depending on your kind of hair and length.

3. Keep your eyes closed when the Keratin product is being applied to your hair. You don't want it to get into your eyes.

4. The Keratin product comes in different "tastes", mine was chocolate :)  

5. Don't worry if you suddenly smell something like pancakes or waffles, it is just the smoke on top of your head. Expect lots of smoke around your head when the Keratin product is being sealed with the flat iron.

6. After the keratin product has been applied you can open your eyes and start reading your magazines or books. Make sure that you have a large selection of them :o

7. Do use those little ear protector that you see in the video, you don't want your ears to get burn with the hair drier or flat iron.

8. Relax, enjoy it and don't forget to eat a nice snack before heading to the saloon, your stomach will be forever grateful.

9. DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR FOR AT LEAST 3 DAYS after the treatment, if you want it to last longer. Wrap your hair with a towel when taking a shower.

10. The price depends on your particular kind or hair and length and it will be given to you upon consultation.

Dress: Mod Cloth

Shoes: White mt.

Flower Brooch: Vintage

Special thanks to Jovan, my wonderful hair stylist. He went to medical school (his family wanted him to do so) but he decided to quit and become a hair stylist because that was his dream. Yay for people who dare to follow their dreams! Now Jovan is happy making people like me smile :)