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July 2009

Great Gray Gracious Jacket :)

Con fondo gray

This is my butterfly jacket, I call it that way because when I open it flat on the bed it looks like a butterfly :) I was lucky to grab this piece from Max Studio some time ago, it was a limited edition and I found it on sale. I am really in love with this piece because it is so simple and classic at the same time.

Jacket: Max Studio 

Skirt: J.Crew

Oxfords: Campbell

Large gemstone necklace: Handmade by myself

Flower Pin on hair: From Etsy (Nonsuch)

Polka Dot Dress :)

Polka dots con fondo copy

There is something so sweet about polka dots :) I am still trying to figure out why. This little dress with its hundreds or thousands of polka dots makes me always be in a good mood :)

Dress: Mod Cloth

Shoes: Target

Ribbon on hair: Made by myself out of silk.

Yellow Polka Dot Top

Yellow polka dot con fondo copy

I found this little top at Target in the children's department. It is yellow with white polka dots and I love it so much. I made it get alone with the rest of the grown up pieces in this outfit and I think that it worked out well :)

Top: Target (Children's department)

Skirt: Anthropologie

Belt: Ambassador Roberta

Shoes: Richard Tyler

My favorite Little Black Dress

Con fondo negrosmall

This is the most beautiful black dress that I ever wore. And It is a present from my dear friend Margie. She sent it to me a long time ago, before I started this blog. I am sooo lucky! Thank you sooo much again Margie! 

This piece is very old but it is in great condition. I feel like a princess when I wear this black beauty :)

Dress: Vintage (Label says: Styled by RICKY. Toronto)

Shoes: Michelle K

Silk Bow on Hair: Handmade by myself

Back from Our Vacation :)

Con fondo copy copy 2

Here I am wearing my dark navy swimsuit :) This is an old piece. I got it many years ago, before I had the children but I still love it. Because it is simple, comfortable and it looks more like a mini dress and less like a swimsuit. 


(The photo above was found on Flickr)

In this other photo you can also see myself in a previous life. I was just relaxing and daydreaming :) As you can notice I used to own another blue swimsuit but in a lighter color. Back then I was obsessed about applying blush on my chicks, specially before I headed to the beach because I thought that it was so appropriate. It also took me several minutes to put together the little curl coming out from my hat. I really miss those times when life was a lot slower :) 

Suspenders :)

Pants con fondosmall

I have loved suspenders since I was little and I still enjoy wearing them as an adult :) They add a little bit of fun to your outfit, it is just a little detail but as always, the key is in the details :)

Just in case you feel like trying this idea I want to give you a link to hundreds of suspenders in different colors and at great prices, I think that I am going to get the mustard ones :) But I also feel inspired to play with these gold ones :)

Pants: H&M
Shirt: Woolrich
Suspenders: Vintage from Etsy (20somethingvintage)
Flower on hair: Anthropologie
Cameo ring: Vintage from Etsy (PhoenixFindings)
Invisible shoes are gray Oxfords

For Joseph Blouse

Yellow pant con fondo copy

I was driving back home from the supermarket the other day when I spotted an interesting sign that said: HUGE SALE ON DESIGNER CLOTHES. I was specially attracted by the two first words so I decided to take a look. And I am so glad that I did! I found this blouse by a label called For Joseph which I never heard about before. I can't remember the exact price right now but it was like 80% off, just incredible! A piece like this is so versatile. This top is special because of the sleeves. I love it when clothes are simple with one special detail. The magic is always in the details :)

Blouse: For Joseph
Belt: Vintage
Necklace: Vintage



Juliet, Frida and Love

Falda con fondo copysmall

This look was inspired by two unique women Juliet and Frida.They were both extremely passionate and romantic. These two women had totally different backgrounds, but when it comes to love we are all the same. I think that love is one of the most beautiful feelings that a human being can experience. I dedicate this post to all the girls and boys that believe in love :) But I specially want to dedicate this post to my little prince Diego because today is his birthday!!!!!!! He is turning four!!! And I love him with all my heart!! Today is such a happy day over here! :)

Skirt: Made by myself 
Top: H&M
Sandals: Tommy Bahama
Tiny flowers on hair: Vintage