Inspired by: Audrey Hepburn
A Picnic Outfit :)

Inspired by: The 50's

It all started with these charming cat eye sunglasses from the 50's. I love sunglasses and I wear them whenever I go out because my eyes are kind of sensitive to light. There are two possible explanations to this eye situation: 1. I think that it could be because I started wearing sunglasses in Cuba soooo many years ago. The sun over there is really strong and your eyes need lots of protection. Maybe my eyes just got used to them 2. The second possible explanation is that in my previous life I was a vampire. I hear that vampires are also pretty sensitive to light :o

1con fondo copy

So, after I got the cat eye ones I decided to put this outfit together. The idea was to recreate that happy look from the 50's that I enjoy so much. This look has a lot to do with being happy and ready to go to the supermarket :) 

Now, If I could go back to the 50's for a day I would choose  March 2nd of 1959 because that's the day when Bill was born :) Yay!! I would love to see him as a little newborn, I need to bring a camera :)

Sunglasses: Vintage from Etsy (Archivia)
Purse: I got it in Vietnam when I went there with Bill 
Yellow headband: handmade by myself.