The Traveler :)
Black and Gray :)

The Assistant :)

Suspenders con fondo (small)

Skirt: Antrhopologie
Shirt: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Lower East Side
Suspenders: Vintage from Etsy (20somethingvintage)
Earrings: Fred Segal

Being an Assistant is one of the hardest jobs ever, specially here in Hollywood. I have met some wonderful Assistants through Bill. Each one was special and it always seemed as if they had extra-human powers. My very favorite assistant is the smartest and cutest woman ever, she is only 85 and she is my neighbor. Sally used to be a Hollywood Assistant many years ago, she worked for some famous people and you would love listening to her stories. She is also an inspiration to me in fashion and style, she wears the most amazing outfits! I want to dedicate this post to Sally :) 

Lots of love to all the assistants in the world!
Elsita :)