Girly Girl Ready for a Date :)

Spanish Inspired

And here I am with a Flamenco dancer inspired look :)

Top: Forever 21
Belt: Who knows? :)
Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: Target
Red Flower: Anthropologie
Doll in de second picture: Handmade by me.

Gitana 1

The first time that I saw a professional flamenco dancer (bailaora) in action, I was in Madrid (1998). It was late at night and some friends invited me to this amazing place where someone really talented was going to dance Flamenco.

Gitana 2
She was amazing. Seeing her dance was such an empowering experience. Her expression was serious, but the kind of I-am-a-strong-woman serious or do-not-mess-up-with-me serious. She was just great at expressing emotional strength through her fast, elegant and precise movements. 

This little outfit today is dedicated to my Mom, I know that she is going to like it because I think that in another life she was a Flamenco dancer, otherwise how do we explain her strong personality!? :) 

Espero que te guste mami!

Have a great day my friend!

Elsita :)