Yesterday in Pictures :)


This is a collage with pictures of our hotel room and a view from our little terrace. We are on the 12th floor!!!! I love the way this city looks from up here! This room is amazing; it's more like an apartment and it has two levels. The bedroom is upstairs and downstairs there a living room and a dinning room. This hotel is located in Soho, I love Soho!!


Here I was just ready to go out in the morning! It is very cold in NY right now :o :)


This is our dear friend Tom Tykwer, we ADORE this man! He is one of the most intelligent and sweet people that we know and he is also a great Film Director. Bill produced one of his movies that I highly recommend and the name is: Heaven, with Cate Blanchett and Giovanni Ribisi. He also directed Run Lola Run, Perfume among others. Here we went to visit him during the shooting of his last movie starring Naomi Watts. We saw her for a minute, she looks sooo beautiful!!! It's hard to believe that she recently had a baby. Her eyes are sooo blue!
Then a little later Bill and I went out for lunch with Tom and all we did was talk about Diego. Tom didn't know about Diego's diagnosis yet so he was kind of shocked but it turns out that he knows a lot about Autism so we all talked about it the whole time.


This is a view from the location where Tom was shooting.


And here is a picture of a store that I visited thanks to Margie who told me about it! Thank you Margie, the place is amazing!!! This is a little paradise and the name is Purl. They have two stores close to each other, one is for fabrics and the other one for yarn. I got ten yards of cute fabrics, a great pair of scissors and some needles for embroidery. They also have a web-site where they sell their products worldwide.


And here (late at night) from left to right there is Michael and his girlfriend Barbara (Michael is Bill's best friend; they have known each other since Bill was five years old) Elsita and her red nose and Billy and his girlfriend Lenore (Billy is Bill's cousin). We had dinner in one of our favorite Italian restaurant called Da Silvano and we had such a GREAT TIME!!! There was also Ann Roth with us but she had to leave before we took this picture; she is one of my favorite girls in the whole world and also one with my biggest inspirations. Here you can learn a little bit about her, she is one of a kind Artist.

And today we are heading back to Los Angeles.I really wanted to see this show which Violette recommended but unfortunately this trip is so short, I wish that we had more time! Thank you so much Violette for sending me the link!!! I adore your city and I am so happy that I came here with Bill. I hope that I can come back sometime soon!

I will be back!!!!
Elsita :)

Bill, The Dress And I :)

Good morning my friends!!!
And here are some pictures of Bill, the dress and I!!!!
The light wasn't great but you can see more or less how we looked last night. It was a memorable event with so many beautiful people around! I am so happy to report that I got the nicest compliments about the dress! Yay!!!! :) Bill was pretty proud of it telling everyone: Can you believe it? Elsa made this dress! :) :) :) :) :) :) There were many funny moments related to the people accepting the awards. Ben Affleck and his brother (Casey Affleck) were there; they are so charming and funny. Ben's wife (Jennifer Garner) was looking so pretty and she is so friendly. Clooney was there too and as always he is the funniest guy when it comes to speeches. There were so many celebrities, the list would be too long to mention here but they were all nice and happy to be receiving the awards and they were looking amazing. And today we will be doing more fun things that I will be reporting later! I also have to show you pictures of the hotel room where we are staying WOW!!!! Amazing location with the best view ever!!
See you later!!!
Elsita :)






Bill and Elsita Heading to New York City!


Good Morning! Here is a picture of Bill and I flying to New York City! I am the one with the flower and we are both so happy! (just in case you didn't notice it I would like to point that we are smiling a lot in this picture). Once we arrive in our destination I will have to get ready in less than two hours (dress, makeup, hair...) before the big black car picks us up for the fancy event. I will be back reporting as soon as I am able to!!!!! Stay tuned!
Elsita :)