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Fox dark

A little fox that I drew for Natalie :)

Dear friend,

Let's build a blogroll for Artisaway.com! I want to encourage visitors to use our blogroll to find like-minded creative people. That list will be a great way for the Art is a Way community to get to know each other by visiting each other's blogs.

Thanks a lot for submitting your information and have a great weekend!

(Also, I want to say that Art is a Way is a blog not only for artists, Art is a Way is for everyone who believes in the power of imagination and creativity)

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Art is a Way.


Dear friend, as the end of this year approaches my excitement grows bigger and bigger! Because the launching of Art is a Way on January 1st of 2013 is getting closer and closer. I have dedicated tons of hours to building  Art is a Way and I'm happy to say that 97% of it is already finished. What is left of 2011 will be for taking care of the details. I can't even tell you how happy I am with this new creation. It is a dream come true. 


Here is photo just for fun :)

I hope that you are as excited as I am. I'm building Art is a Way for you. The first photo is a little something related to a project that I consider to be the core of Art is a Way. It is an exciting project for creative people from all over the world to be part of. I wish that I could tell you right now. But let's not spoil the surprise :)

Instagram will be one of the tools that I will be using for Art is a Way. Here is one of my two Instagram accounts in case you want to follow me now, the second is coming out on January 1st, at the same time as Art is a Way. If you don't have an Instagram account, I encourage you to get one. It's free, good for creativity, and lots of fun once to understand how it works. But I will also be using Flickr (a special Flickr group) Tweeter and Facebook. I want to use the main social networks to reach creative people like you and me so I can invite them to be part of Art is a Way. My project will be a baby in January, but I will work hard to turn it into a strong community for us to feel proud of. It will take a couple of years to get there but we can make it happen, yes we can do it! 

I'm so excited!

Have a wonderful day and I will keep you posted as soon as I have a chance!

Elsita :)

The Elections.

7 through my eyes

(From my sketchbook)

Even though I can't participate in the electionts today (because I'm not a USA citizen), I vote for the kind of peace and mutual understanding that doesn't include someone else telling me how to think. I elect to use my own pair of eyes, in politics as well as in every other aspect of life. I vote for respecting our differences, for tolerance, for love and progress. I vote for a world where every person can be who he/she really is without fearing rejection from other human beings. 

As John Lennon said:

...you may say 
I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one


Happy Halloween!

Our pumpkins

From left to right: Bill's, mine, Natalie's and Diego's. As you can see the kids' were a lot better than Bill's and mine :o

Giant pumpkin

Great Christo-style sculpture that we saw in our walk.

I hope that you had a Happy Halloween! We went trick or treating with the kids and it was lots of fun. Diego had been anticipating this day for months. But of course he was very picky when it came to candies, he refused many of them. Diego only accepted the ones that were part of his mental list. Natalie on the other side took everything she could. Her favorite thing is sorting them out. The best part of the walk was an "enchanted" house where they had the most beautiful live music. We love Halloween!

Just a Little Heart Attack.

A friend just sent this video to me and I couldn't help it but share it with you. Now I understand how things go viral on the Internet :) The video is directed to women but it equally applies to men. This is how life looks like for millions of people. I do my best not to be one of them. It works many times and other times it doesn't. But we should never give up trying. For our heart's sake. Take care! Elsita :)



Photo from here.

The other day Bill and I took Diego and Natalie to see Frankenweenie. Diego had been anticipating this movie for months. There is a part in the movie where the little dog gets hit by a car and dies. I thought that the scene was very strong for a small child. For a few seconds everybody was very quiet and sad for what was happening to the little dog. I was worry about Diego having nightmares. But as always, when we least expected it and in a loud voice Diego said: My eyes are sweating!! Some people laughed, even though their eyes were "sweating" as well. Hopefully everyone felt less sad after Diego's announcement. 

The best part about taking our kids to the movies is when Diego says something original. He never fails to come out with ideas that make people laugh. I used to get nervous about people being mad at him for being loud, but not anymore. Now I see that people appreciate Diego's good sense of humor so our movie experiences are not stressful anymore. Now it's always fun :)


Etsy, I'm disappointed in you.

Dear friend,

Remember this post?

Can you guess what happened next? I got an e-mail from Etsy saying that it was all their mistake. There was never any claim from any company against me. What really happened was something called bad and unprofessional work on their side.

Basically, Etsy accused me of violating some copyright laws with one of my prints, so they automatically banned that print from my shop and instructed me not to re-list it, otherwise my entire shop was going to be banned. In their notification they said that "X" company from the apparel business had placed a legal claim against my print. As you can imagine I was in shock. I knew that the notification had to be a mistake so I very politely asked the person from Etsy to please, take a second look at the claim because I was 100% sure that the whole case was a mistake.

Did they take a second look? The answer is no. In their notification there were no details about what product or design my print had been associated with. That was more than enough to see that something was wrong. You cannot accuse someone with no basement at all. That is common sense. I very politely asked again for those missing details but I simply was told that they could not send anything to me, instead I had to look for legal help. Unfortunately, Etsy assumed that I was wrong. This is where my disappointment started to build up. Did that mean that after being a clean and decent Etsy user for 5 years I didn't have any credibility? 

After finding myself in this unexplainable situation I was forced to contact a copyright lawyer so I could start defending myself against something that I never did. Now, imagine what would have happened if I couldn't even think about the option of having a lawyer. It's an unfortunate reality that many people involved in copyright issues cannot afford to defend themselves. If that was my case I would have have to let my print stay banned and remain in limbo forever. Here is where I started thinking about the things that are wrong with Etsy as a place to have a professional store. 

To make the story short I will tell you that the only reason why Etsy realized that they had made a mistake was because "X" company had to get in touch with them to clarify that they had NEVER placed any claim against me. The "X" company got in touch with them because of the actions taken on my side. When I asked Etsy to review the case, based on my clean background as a seller they said NO. They had to hear from the big company to do something. That is not right. 

The e-mail sent to me by Etsy admitting their mistake was a short, dry line saying that they had made a mistake and were sorry. I had to write back in order to ask for more details before I could notify my lawyer. 

Of course, I could take action against Etsy for the inconveniences that this incident generated. But instead, I have decided to share the story with you and then let go. I have been putting energy on educating myself about other shop options for the future. Because the most important lesson that I have learned from this experience is that Etsy is a vulnerable place to grow a professional business. Not only for what happened to me but many other reasons that I wasn't even aware of. This article has been a helpful one to read.

I love the Etsy community and I will always do. But I can't say the same about Etsy as a company after the way they treated me. After my incident I did lots of research and it turns out that several other Etsy sellers have been affected by Etsy's bad work in different ways . I had no idea. Looking back at my case I see that this incident could have been resolved in a minute, only if Etsy had agreed to take a quick look at my case. But they decided to believe that I was guilty without any evidence. I'm all for forgiveness but forgiveness is something that has to be earned somehow . Etsy hasn't done anything for me to believe that they are REALLY sorry about what happened. This is unfortunate but it is what it is.

I'm fine over here, happy to be over with this case and looking forward to the future!

Elsita :)

A Little Bug.

Paper bug SMALL

I made this bug out of paper for my Mom. It wasn't a gift really, but a little prank :) I put the bug on my Mom's bed. She was supposed to scream! But instead she said: OH look! A bug! Careful! Don't kill it! Let's put it in the garden. She wasn't wearing her glasses so after she put it on her hand she said: Mm, It's not moving. I think it's dead and it looks dry. Then I told her the truth. We both laughed a lot! That's why I love paper so much. It is such a fun material :o 


I Submitted one of my Designs to Society6.

Iphone sample 1

iPhone case with my design: Purchase it here. (available for 3 different iPhone models)


This is exciting! I have submitted my first design to Society6. I wanted it to have a nostalgic/vintage feeling. This design is available as a print but also as a iPhone case, as a laptop and ipad skin...and more. I invite you to take a look over HERE

For blog print

Have a great day!

Elsita :)