Come to the Oscars with Me!!!!





And here are a few photos of my Oscar dress and I! Look for me on TV in a few hours! If I am wearing a shawl later due to the low temperature you can still look for the helmet-style top of my head, which doesn't deserve to be called haircut or hairstyle. Mami, ver a ver si me ves! (Sorry for the interruption, I was talking to my Mom!) Remember, we will be behind the stars trying to stay there as long as possible. Keep an eye on the security people and see how they will keep asking our behind-the-stars group to move move move, keep moving, keep moving please. We will move a little bit but then we will come back pretending that we have to say something to someone up there... That's more or less how it works! Super silly but lots of fun!

I will be back with an Oscars report as soon as I can!
Have fun you too!
Elsita :)

Pre-Oscar Day!


Here is a picture of Bill and I from last year (my first Oscar experience). The top that I am wearing is called The Electrical Wonder. There was a cable connected from the back of it to my purse where with a simple switch I turned on the light to look as illuminated as you see me in the picture. I was a walking lamp! I AM KIDDING YOU!!! I just wanted to let you know that white is never a good choice when it comes to homemade portraits. Dark colors absorb better the light so that's a lesson that I learned last year :o :)

Another thing that I learned from the Oscar last year is that you need to bring something warm to cover yourself with. All the stars in their beautiful dresses look so amazing and comfortable but the truth is that they're dying!!! There are some heaters around but they don't really make a difference unless you are two inches close to them.

And last lesson but maybe the most important one: you better bring a nice snack in your purse because the whole event from the red carpet walk to the end of it is reeeeeally long. You don't want to faint in the middle of the show. Anyway, in the event that something like that happens not to worry, there are special nice people ready to fill up your sit while someone else takes you to the hospital. At the Oscars everything is already figured out! Whatever happens it happens but the show must go on!!!!

And today we are attending the Spirit Awards!!! That's a very special event dedicated to independent films and film makers.

I will be back tomorrow for a second before we leave to the Oscars!
Have a wonderful Saturday!
Elsita :)

A Flower in the Darkness.







Good morning my friend!
And here is my dress for the Oscars and the accessories that will go with it! I could write a lot about how I made this dress but instead I would like to point that the little floral embroidery on the belt (made with silk ribbon, thread, crystals and an antique purple cabochon) is what brings this whole piece to life, like a flower blooming in the darkness. This dress is entirely dedicated to my hubby Bill who, in my opinion, is like a rare flower blooming in the middle of the dark and difficult landscape that Hollywood is.

Bill, as I have said before, is one of the most inspiring creative people that I have ever meet in my life and through him I have learned so many amazing things. Through Bill I have learned how to appreciate artistic quality, I have learned how to enjoy movies and how to become a better person thought the lessons that they teach to me. Today from my little position in this modest blog I want to invite you to think about the film world and the Oscars in a completely different way.

Through movies we learn about other cultures and about ourselves. Movies make us think and cry and smile and laugh and experience the most amazing feelings. Films can change who we are, they are like open doors to worlds and things that we wouldn’t know about otherwise. On Sunday I invite you to enjoy what really matters behind the Oscars, which is talent, imagination and creativity. I invite you to think that behind all the illusion that glamour and gold and fame is there are lots of real people like Bill that deeply believe in creating meaningful films that have something important to say to the rest of us. Let’s celebrate movies and let’s give them the place that they deserve in our lives.

I am so excited about attending this event on Sunday.
I will be celebrating with Bill and our friends and I will be sharing everything with you afterwards!
Please join me in this adventure!!

Elsita :)

The Dress is Finished! :o :)

Good Morning! And good news! My dress for the Oscars is finished!
I will show you a photo of it tomorrow plus a little drawing of how it looks from the back. The design of this dress is simple that's why it looks better on the "model" but tomorrow you will have a general idea of how it looks like. Then I will make sure that Bill takes a picture of me on Sunday so you can see it better later. And here are a few interesting details about the the event on Sunday:


Jon Stewart will be host, I'm sure that he will be funny :).


In this picture you can have a general idea about the "anatomy" of the red carpet. First there is a line of official photographers doing their job. Next there is the red carpet which is exclusive for the nominees and the celebrities that have been invited to the event. Then, behind the red carpet there is another carpet for the rest of the people connected to the movies, members of the Academy, relatives etc. Look for Bill and I over there in that group. And then there is a stage with a number of fans asking for autographs (that's a great group because they will really be having fun, the rest of the people are mostly working, including the stars).
Two of Bill's movies got nominations this year:
The Kite Runner: Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Score. Alberto Iglesias)
Lars and the Real Girl: Original Screenplay (Nancy Oliver)
So Alberto Iglesias (Go Spain!) and Nancy Oliver will be walking on the red carpet.

Did you know that the nomination for Best Motion Picture or Best Film is the most important one and it goes to the Film Producer? It's always the last award of the night. I had no idea about this before I met Bill. You can learn more about it here.

And next we have the list of the presenters that you will see on Sunday:

Amy Adams
Jessica Alba
Cate Blanchett
Josh Brolin
Steve Carel
George Clooney
Penelope Cruz
Miley Cyrus
Patrick Dempsey
Cameron Diaz
Colin Farrell
Harrison Ford
Jennifer Garner
Tom Hanks
Anne Hathaway
Katherine Heigl
Jonah Hill
Dwayne Johnson
Nicole Kidman
James McAvoy
Queen Latifah
Seth Rogen
Martin Scorsese
Hilary Swank
John Travolta
Denzel Washington
Renee Zellweger
Alan Arkin
Jennifer Hudson
Helen Mirren
Forest Whitaker

Take a look at the nominees.

And here is the list of international broadcasters.

One of our closest friends in Hollywood and (in my opinion) one of the most remarkable Art Directors ever has been nominated (again!!) for an Oscar and I am sure that we will spend most of the time with him and his wife Francesca who I adore. When the four of us get together there is for sure lots of laughter and fun! They are both from Italy (go Italia!). Our friend's name is Dante Ferretti and he was the Art Director of Sweeney Todd. We already told him that bloody films are not our number one thing but there is no doubt that the whole visual job that he did for this movie is truly remarkable. One day I will be talking more about the important role of an Art Director in films.
This is a photo of Dante and I (Watch for him! I hope that he wins!!!!)


And now I am going back with the "kiddies"!
Have a wonderful day!
And see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

Quick Report!

O - glowing Pastry Cutter S c A R s


A L M o Wooden Tile S T

f I_McElman_070718_2970 N I T O

Yay!!! My dress for the Oscars is almost finished!!! And my voice is coming back!!!! And I just found this place where you can spell words with pictures! How cool is that?! As you can see good things are happening!!! Now I go back to my best friend in these days: Mister Ginger Tea! Lalala la la lalala lala!!!!
See you tomorrow!!!
Elsita :)