Bee Brooch

Bee pin small


Bee pin acostada copy

This is a bee brooch that I made last year using linen as the base fabric. For the wings I used some vintage trim that was just perfect for this project.The piece is now in my personal collection.

The other day I met a stubborn bee while I was washing the dishes. She was convinced that if she pushed hard enough she could get through the glass of my kitchen window. The window was open but this little bee kept trying to find the best place to get through the glass. I ended up giving her a hand so she could go back to work. She said something like: Bzzzz. I think that that means "thanks a lot" in bee language :)



Cameo Pendants.

Pink necklace small

Here I wanted to show you 2 cameo pendants that I made in 2011. They were adopted last year. The bezel is the one that you saw before, I carved it myself in wax and then someone cast 50 of them for me in brass. 

Blue cameo copy small

I love making these tiny works. The paper part was coated with a heavy layer of resin to make it strong and hard. I hope that I can make new ones sometime this year. See you later!

Elsita :)


The little Fox cameo pin is finished :)

Little fox pin small

Pin 1 copy

Pin 2 copy

Yay! Here is the finished fox pin.  The circumference of this piece measures about 2" (5cm). I made a small edition of 6. One will stay with me and 5 will be available on my Etsy shop. They look so beautiful in person. The unusual color combination works really perfect. I'm wearing mine right now and I love it. 

Something that I learned from my papercut technique on polymer clay is that it has unlimited possibilities. On the other hand you can only use the original papercut about 6 or 7 times because it gets destroyed quickly, but that makes the small editions even more special. You also need to be very careful when lifting the paper from the clay, it's best to use a needle. I can't wait to keep experimenting with this technique. Yay!!

One of kind Cameo Brooch.

Cameo pin with girl small

I wanted to make a tiny girl in a tiny world with a tiny friend so I made this pin :) What inspired me to make this little pin was the fact that I found a whole bunch of plastic shrink supplies in my studio. They were hiding from me for all this time. Remember the buttons I made in 2008?

This time instead of buttons I made a tiny girl and her tiny toy friend. I loved seeing them shrink Alice-in-Wonderland-style in my oven. So magic. Now that I got reconnected with shrink plastic I can't wait to create some new characters :)

Have a happy Tuesday!

Elsita :)

(The little fox pin from my previous post is already finished. Yay!! Now I need to take pictures of it :)

Little Fox Cameo Pin in Progress.

Little fox small

This is the center of a new cameo pin that I have been working on whenener I have a second available. I can't wait to show you the finished piece! There will be beads involved in this project, it's impossible for me to resist adding beads to anything right now :)

I made this part of the pin using my little papercut technique. I cut the silhouettes in paper and then I pressed the cut paper on polymer clay. Once the clay was cured and cold I then gave a little white pattina to the surface to inhance the image. The last step was polishing and adding a tiny vintage cristal to the fox.

Something so tiny requires a lot of work, just like little babies. But it is so exciting to see the little thing grow and get a personality. That's what I enjoy the most about these little projects.

See you soon!

Elsita :)

I made a little doll that is also a pin and a pendant.

Dool pin pendant in house

I got inspired to make a "multitask" little doll. She is a pin, a pendant and a little toy :) I made her a miniature accordion book with tiny drawings in it, a basket with fruits and a sweet round box. This girl has been already adopted.

You can see more pictures on my blog about dolls.

And I want to wish you a very happy Dia de Gracias tomorrow!



Natalie and I made this doll necklace :)

Doll necklace 1 small

Natalie couldn't go to school yesterday because she was sick. Not going to school is something that she suffers a lot. She even cries. 

Doll necklace 2 small

What a day! My car got a flat tire...many things happened. But we ended up having fun. Natalie is a lot like me. In order to feel better all she needs is a little creative project. We made this little doll necklace with polymer clay and it changed everything. 

Everything is well now. And we are very excited because Bill will be back from New York in 2 days. Yay!!! He already finished shooting the movie that he's producing. Editing is next but before that he will spend quality time with us in LA.

We're so happy!!!

They're Here! 14 One of a Kind Handmade Brooches.


Please scroll down to find pictures and descriptions of these pieces.  

Find the available pieces on my Shop.


 All 14 pins together for blog

During a visit to my favorite bead shop the other day I found the cutest cat glass beads ever! They inspired me to start creating these brooches and necklaces right away. There are only 2 that don't have cats in them because they were made before I got the beads.

Making this kind of jewelry is such an enjoyable experience. While stitching these pieces I make up all kinds of stories in my mind based on each scene. I often catch myself smiling while stitching :) It sounds silly but life can't be so serious all the time :o 

7 pins page 1 small blogAll pins page 2 small blog

 Find the available pieces on my Shop.


Embroidered Seed Bead Necklace.


Seed necklace detail 1 small

 I keep working on the show for Puerto Rico because that's my priority right now. But I always like to keep a fun craft project going on the side. This necklace is one of those projects that I work on whenever I have a minute. Natalie was very involved in the color selection (I think that it shows). Diego was involved in trying to run away with my beads and needle :)

We're all happy with the final result. This necklace makes me smile. I'm wearing it right now and it looks beautiful. One day Natalie will wear it too, I will give it to her in a few years.  

Happy Monday!

Elsita :)