The Dress is Finished! :o :)

Good Morning! And good news! My dress for the Oscars is finished!
I will show you a photo of it tomorrow plus a little drawing of how it looks from the back. The design of this dress is simple that's why it looks better on the "model" but tomorrow you will have a general idea of how it looks like. Then I will make sure that Bill takes a picture of me on Sunday so you can see it better later. And here are a few interesting details about the the event on Sunday:


Jon Stewart will be host, I'm sure that he will be funny :).


In this picture you can have a general idea about the "anatomy" of the red carpet. First there is a line of official photographers doing their job. Next there is the red carpet which is exclusive for the nominees and the celebrities that have been invited to the event. Then, behind the red carpet there is another carpet for the rest of the people connected to the movies, members of the Academy, relatives etc. Look for Bill and I over there in that group. And then there is a stage with a number of fans asking for autographs (that's a great group because they will really be having fun, the rest of the people are mostly working, including the stars).
Two of Bill's movies got nominations this year:
The Kite Runner: Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Score. Alberto Iglesias)
Lars and the Real Girl: Original Screenplay (Nancy Oliver)
So Alberto Iglesias (Go Spain!) and Nancy Oliver will be walking on the red carpet.

Did you know that the nomination for Best Motion Picture or Best Film is the most important one and it goes to the Film Producer? It's always the last award of the night. I had no idea about this before I met Bill. You can learn more about it here.

And next we have the list of the presenters that you will see on Sunday:

Amy Adams
Jessica Alba
Cate Blanchett
Josh Brolin
Steve Carel
George Clooney
Penelope Cruz
Miley Cyrus
Patrick Dempsey
Cameron Diaz
Colin Farrell
Harrison Ford
Jennifer Garner
Tom Hanks
Anne Hathaway
Katherine Heigl
Jonah Hill
Dwayne Johnson
Nicole Kidman
James McAvoy
Queen Latifah
Seth Rogen
Martin Scorsese
Hilary Swank
John Travolta
Denzel Washington
Renee Zellweger
Alan Arkin
Jennifer Hudson
Helen Mirren
Forest Whitaker

Take a look at the nominees.

And here is the list of international broadcasters.

One of our closest friends in Hollywood and (in my opinion) one of the most remarkable Art Directors ever has been nominated (again!!) for an Oscar and I am sure that we will spend most of the time with him and his wife Francesca who I adore. When the four of us get together there is for sure lots of laughter and fun! They are both from Italy (go Italia!). Our friend's name is Dante Ferretti and he was the Art Director of Sweeney Todd. We already told him that bloody films are not our number one thing but there is no doubt that the whole visual job that he did for this movie is truly remarkable. One day I will be talking more about the important role of an Art Director in films.
This is a photo of Dante and I (Watch for him! I hope that he wins!!!!)


And now I am going back with the "kiddies"!
Have a wonderful day!
And see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

Quick Report!

O - glowing Pastry Cutter S c A R s


A L M o Wooden Tile S T

f I_McElman_070718_2970 N I T O

Yay!!! My dress for the Oscars is almost finished!!! And my voice is coming back!!!! And I just found this place where you can spell words with pictures! How cool is that?! As you can see good things are happening!!! Now I go back to my best friend in these days: Mister Ginger Tea! Lalala la la lalala lala!!!!
See you tomorrow!!!
Elsita :)

Makeup Party :o


This morning Natalie and I had a makeup party. She really wanted to see how my smoky eyes makeup would look like with the assistance of the ultra-modern gift from planet Mars that I mentioned the other day. I started the smoky eyes session and after several minutes when I considered the job finished Natalie looked at me and with her sweetest voice, in a descriptive way, she said: Mommy you look like a witch. Now, apart from looking evil, witches could also look beautiful but I swear that wasn’t my case at all. I looked as if I had just been in some fist-fight being both of my eyes the unfortunate target. I am better at painting on paper and canvas. My respects to all the real makeup Artists! (I'll have to keep practicing)
Have a wonderful Sunday!
Elsita :)

(And here is a link about how to get smoky eyes in only FIVE minutes. Good luck!)

Gift from planet Mars :o

Things are looking nice regarding my dress for the Oscars and I am happy with what I see right now in front of me. These pieces of fabric are coming to life little by little. The final result will look simple but putting everything together is demanding lots of energy from the Designer, her Assistant and the dress form (they're all the same person and that would be me). For Christmas Bill gave me a gift certificate for some spa and I just made a reservation for a facial a few days before the big day. They also offered a tan but since I don't think that an orange skin would go with the dress I politely said that I was going to pass on that one. But I said yes to manicure and pedicure and eyebrows. Talking about eyebrows, there was a time in my life where it was my eyebrows and I but I took care of that situation a few years ago. My hair will have to go as it is. Right now it doesn't make a lot of sense because it is not short or long, it is just hair on my head but that would be enough. That day will be cold but I have what I call my fancy blanket, which is a big, black shawl that will keep me warm and kind or elegant. Now to finish this post I just have to show you one of those surreal gifts that you get here in Hollywood. This is an eye shadow compact set for smoky eyes. You press a button and a robotic voice starts telling you how to apply your smoky eyes makeup! Isn't this like from another planet? I love it! I haven't tried it yet because it's hard to stop laughing when the voice starts talking! I imagine the voice saying in the end: this-smokey-eyes-compact-set-is-cortesy-of-planet-Mars-beauty-system-hope-you-enjoy-it-beeeeep!
See you tomorrow!!!
Elsita :)



Fabrics For The Oscars Dress :)


And here are the fabrics for the Oscars dress!
The one on the left is a lovely rose cotton velvet and it looks amazing in person. The dark gray one is pure silk and it is not metallic as it looks in the picture. Somehow the light didn't help to capture its true nature. They look so beautiful together. El Jardin de Maria Julia was a romantic dress and this one will be more on the dramatic side. All it comes to my mind when I see these fabrics is mystery. These colors make me think about how light and darkness complement each other. I am cooking a lot of ideas in my mind about what this dress will be like. I can't wait to start cutting these fabrics! I will let you know about the progress!

And today I will finally be wearing the outfit that I was supposed to wear to the Golden Globes. And also the necklace and earrings from Megan Auman. We wil be attending the Producer's Guild Awards dinner which is a very special event! I will be reporting later about this!
Elsita :)

The Dress!

And here is El Jardin de Maria Julia for you:






Making this dress dedicated to Maria Julia was a wonderful experience for me. It helped my Mom and I talk about my Grandma in a deep way and it made me even more aware about how important are the lessons that pass from one generation of women to another. By creating this piece I felt that I was making something not only for myself but also for my Grandma for my Mom and for my daughter Natalie. I believe that objects can carry a lot of human energy when they are made with love that’s why through this dress I wanted to tell my Mom and Natalie how much I love them and how much I celebrate the fact that we are women. I will wear El Jardin de Maria Julia with pride and I will pass it to Natalie so she can wear it in the future when she becomes a woman.

Fabrics For The Dress.


Just two lines to say that I started making the dress and so far I am very happy about how is coming out. It will require a lot of work but I am pretty excited about it. Here you can see the fabrics that I am using. It is hard to get the exact colors on the computer. Now I go back to work!
Elsita :)

Fashion Commitment!

Yesterday on my way to Staples I saw this amazing fabric store and I decided to stop by in order to take a look at it. AND OH MY GOODNESS!!! My inner fashion designer woke up and I left the place with seven yards of three different lovely antique-looking silk fabrics. The spirit of Gianni Versace stayed with me the whole day and the whole night too so I made a commitment in his honor: I will make myself a beautiful dress for one of the upcoming fancy events. I am glad to share with you some pictures of stunning old dresses that will assist me for inspiration. These dresses are all Lanvin's old creations. And the book can be found here.









Purse And Bill and Elsa



And here is my little purse for your consideration!
Now let me tell you the story behind it: Bill and I met in Havana on December 15 of 2000. Our connection was instant and after about a month in which we wrote e-mails to each other several times A DAY we finally had the opportunity to be together in the same place for two months and that place was Vietnam. By that time Bill was over there producing The Quiet American and he just couldn’t leave the set in order to go to Havana to visit me that’s why I had to come to visit him instead. It was important for us to spend time with each other before I made the serious commitment of moving to the USA with him. I had a whole life on my own in Cuba: my own my place, my friends, relatives, career etc. Those two months were so important for the two of us. My English was impossible as well as his Spanish but somehow we didn’t have any problem communicating with each other at all. I only had problems understanding other people but never Bill. During that time together we realized that being with each other was the most natural thing ever. We just knew that we were going to be together forever and that we were going to have children and everything and that’s exactly what happened. Today while I write this post I still can’t believe how much Bill and I have done in such a short amount of time. This year in May Bill had to go back to Vietnam in some business trip and he really wanted me to go with him so I did it. It was beautiful being back in all those places where we got to know each other better some years ago. During that trip I couldn’t stop thinking about how much we have been learning from each other in all these years. Bill never thought that he was going to marry a girl from Cuba and I could never imagine that I was going to marry a “gringo”. We come from such different cultures, we grew up speaking different languages but still since we first met we knew that we were meant to be with each other. Bill has taught me so many things during all these years and he thinks the same thing about me. In some speech where we were celebrating something especial he said that his life had two parts one before Elsa and the other one after Elsa. Well Billy I have to say exactly the same thing; there is the Elsita before Bill and the Elsita after Bill. And somehow this is all connected to my purse. I got that beautiful antique gold silk fabric in Vietnam during our last trip in May. I fell in love with it at some market in Ho Chi Minh City and I told myself that I was going to make something especial with it. When I started making this purse I realized that it was just December 15 the 7th anniversary of our first encounter in Havana! I just had to make this purse dedicated to Bill and I. On the back of this purse I draw two exotic birds having a conversation with each other from their own trees. The birds are Bill and I teaching each other different things from our different ways to see the world. Then all that nature growing on the front of the purse represents the results of our human exchange. Those flowers are Natalie, Diego, my relationship with Miro, Bill’s relationship with my family, my relationship with Bill’s family…everything that was born after we met. Going with Bill to the The Golden Globes to celebrate something remarkable in his career is a great honor to me and I wanted to make this purse to express in a creative way how much I love and admire Bill and how proud of him I am. Thank you so much my friend for letting me share this with you!
I will be back tomorrow!
Elsita :)

Purse Project.

Good Morning! Buenos Dias!
Just a quick note to let you know that I am making some cute purse to go with my Golden Globes outfit. I think that it will be finished by tomorrow, I can't wait to show you some pictures of it. The style is "Anthropologie style" with lots of handmade details. Today I will be playing a lot with the kiddies and then at night I will go back to my project!!! Have a GREAT Sunday and see you tomorrow!!!!
Elsita :)