Etsy, I'm disappointed in you.
Just a Little Heart Attack.



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The other day Bill and I took Diego and Natalie to see Frankenweenie. Diego had been anticipating this movie for months. There is a part in the movie where the little dog gets hit by a car and dies. I thought that the scene was very strong for a small child. For a few seconds everybody was very quiet and sad for what was happening to the little dog. I was worry about Diego having nightmares. But as always, when we least expected it and in a loud voice Diego said: My eyes are sweating!! Some people laughed, even though their eyes were "sweating" as well. Hopefully everyone felt less sad after Diego's announcement. 

The best part about taking our kids to the movies is when Diego says something original. He never fails to come out with ideas that make people laugh. I used to get nervous about people being mad at him for being loud, but not anymore. Now I see that people appreciate Diego's good sense of humor so our movie experiences are not stressful anymore. Now it's always fun :)