I am so upset.
I Submitted one of my Designs to Society6.

Thanks a lot :)

Dear friend,

I'm stopping by to say that things are well over here and that I appreciate your words from my previous post so much. I have professional help now regarding that absurd issue and things will be OK for sure. I will let you know if I eventually need concrete help. Thanks a lot for your support.


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I felt very upset/offended for about 10 hours but then I transitioned to not being upset anymore. Life is too precious, time is gold and it's too easy to get lost in  a black hole. I remind myself that we should use our energy on things that are really important such as drawing friendly characters with a black felt tip pen :) playing with my children, communicating with supportive friends and relatives, laughing with My Mom and watching Diego become a LAUSD celebrity.

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My Mom is visiting from Florida. She is a lot of fun to be with plus she is the master of keeping it real. My Mom thinks that genuine talent defends itself by just being and that it always wins no matter what. You know that as Moms, we always think that our kids are geniuses, my Mom is not different. Her recommendation is that I put my energy into creativity while the enemy is busy being wrong. This is all said with her unique sense of humor and her it's-not-the-end-of-the-world approach to life. What would the world be without people like my Mom?! 

Today I'm working on a big gardening project over here with my Mom and our gardener. There is nothing better for the soul than being in touch with nature. It will be lots of fun!

Thanks a lot again and have a wonderful weekend!


(And my Mom, she sends a big THANKS  A LOT to you for supporting her daughter :)