Thanks a lot :)

I am so upset.

Dear friend,

A representative from a large company related to the apparel business has contacted Etsy to claim that one of the papercut designs from my Etsy shop has violated  some copyright laws. Meaning that I have copied something related to this company. I have no idea what this is about since nothing visual has been provided. There is no clear explanation. This is so absurd and unfounded. I thought that it was not real, but it is. 

The claim is based on the image below, which comes from one of my papercuts. The original design is here. I created this piece years ago. It is one more of the things that I have created with this signature look that I have been developing for years. My work is personal and honest. That's why the claim from the company in question has left me in shock and upset.

Bird Mask

I have already gotten in touch with them. I received an automatic e-mail so far, which I replied to. All I hope is that this is some sort of mistake and that it can get solved soon. 

Please feel free to post a comment with your opinion about this unfair case. I would appreciate it. Maybe I can send the link to this post to the company. They need to take action and fix this by cancelling their claim with Etsy. A large famous company doesn't have the right to hurt an artist that has been developing a honest career for so long. All I hope is that this is a mistake.

Thanks a lot,