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Natalie's style.

Natalie pretty
Here's a picture of Natalie taken with Bill's iPhone. Natalie already has her own sense of style. She knows what she wants to wear and how she wants to cut her hair. That's something that I enjoy.
It's nice when kids have the freedom to be who they are without critisism. I remember a time when we took the kids to the flea market. Natalie was wearing as many things as she could manage to wear: 2 scarfs, a hat, leggings, a t-shirt, a vest, a jacket... An older lady stopped us to thank Bill and I. She said: THANK YOU for letting this little girl dress up like that! I used to be like her when I was little but my Mom wouldn't let me go out unless I was dressed "properly". She went on and on about how children should be free to be themselves. I couldn't agree more :)

Have you heard of Rodriguez? What an amazing and touching story. A man to love.

Bill treated me to Searching for Sugar Man last night, an award winning true-story movie about Rogriguez (see trailer above). I left the theater with tears all over my face and a touched heart. If you haven't heard of Rodriguez I absolutely recommend that you see Looking for Sugar Man, you will be grateful.
This movie tells you the story of one of the most authentic, pure and inspiring artists that I have ever heard of. He's now on my top list of inspiring people. I'm playing his music repeatedely this morning.
I won't tell you too much so you can discover him on your own. I leave you with two songs below (pay attention to the poetry of the lirics). He's 70 years old now and worked in construction until recently. Nobody knew about him in the USA until this movie came out.

Bill said it better here!