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Car Accident.

Car accidentjpg

Road report!

Right today, on Diego's 7th birthday, we had a car accident. I was driving the kids back home from their swim lesson when a (very young) driver who was parked on the right side of the street opened his car door suddenly, without looking in the mirror and them BOOM! His door attaked my car! Everything happened so fast. The young man was extremely sorry so was his Mom. I was very sorry about how sorry they were :) We didn't get hurt at all. A great part of the day was spent taking care of towing my car, renting a new vehicle etc. But in the end everything was OK. We had a nice family dinner, sang Happy Birthday to my prince and came back home tired but happy. Diego said that he was never going to forget this day. We asked: Why? And he said: Because I love our new (rented) car! 

Events like this one make me think about how precious life is. I love life and I'm so happy to be alive! Thank God that we're all safe!