Natalie's revolutionary music composition method :o
Invitation to a special event.

Pre-interview with Diego :)

Me: Diego, one day I'd like to interview you for my blog. Is that OK?

Diego: SURE.

Me: Do you like blogs?


Me: Do you know what a blog is?

Diego: NO.

Me: Would you like to have a blog when you grow up?


Me: Well, you know, that's up to you.

Diego: OK.

(Pause to explain him what a blog is...)

Me: Diego, when do you think that we can do the interview?

Diego: On January at 5:35

Me: Why did you pick that date?

Diego: I DON'T KNOW.

Me: Do you think that we can do it before that date?

Diego: SURE.

Me: OK, I will let you know when I'm ready with the questions.

Diego: OK

Me: By the way, do you know what an interview is?

Diego: NO

Me: Well, it's basically when someone asks you a question and then you answer.

Diego: Can I ask you a question?

Me: Yes, go ahead.

Diego: Have you seen my 3-D glasses?

Me: I didn't know that you had 3-D glasses.

Diego: Can you buy me 3-D glasses?

Me: Yes, let me see where I can find a pair for you.

Diego: Maybe at Whole Foods?


The end :)