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Band-Aid magic?

Short Hairstyle :)

Natalie april 2010 con fondo.

I was revisiting Natalie's hairstyles from the past and I found this cute one. She looks so adorable! It is from 2010. Natalie's one of those girls that look great in any hairstyle. I was thinking about going back to short hair myself. But I keep remembering how every time I did it I promised myself not to do it ever, ever, ever again.

The last time I cut my curly hair short Diego said that I looked like a broccoli. I love broccoli but I'm not sure if I want to look like it :o


Ps. I need to come back with a current picture of Natalie, after seeing this photo she requested a similar haircut so I made it happen with the help of my magic scissors. She looks so beautiful!!