Looking at the world from up here. (A new brooch)
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Free Bird Tattoo Designs.

I feel honored when people request permission to use my papercut designs as tattoos. So I created these birds in case someone wants to use them as body art (or in any other way). Birds are special creatures. They have fascinated and inspired us since the beginning of times. These ones are a mix of modern and ancient. Just like the art of flying :) 


Download this photo in high resolution.

If you ever adopt any of these birdies I would love to see a picture. I made them with lots of love so they can transmit good energy.

Below you can see my designs living in the skin of some special ladies. 


Cameron T.

Tatoo 1
Tattoo 2
Wiji Lacsamana. Graphic illustrator based in Makati City, Philippines.


I hope that you enjoy my birdies. Have a great day!

Elsita :)