Short Hairstyle :)
Preparations for Bill's arrival!

Band-Aid magic?

This morning I had a mild headache (I have been sick for a few days) so Diego and Natalie put some band-aids on my forehead to see if it helped. It was magic! The headache disappeared! ;)

Suddenly, Diego had a "stomach ache"! He demanded that I put a band-aid on his belly button. I did it and he felt so much better after it. But then, (I didn't see it coming at all) he started suffering from a terrible toothache! So terrible that it gave him the giggles :o He wanted a band-aid on his front teeth. I suggested that we go to see the dentist instead. But his toothache disappeared immediately. Thank God! I was starting to get "worry" ;)

To tell you the truth, Diego is made out of some rare material because he NEVER gets sick. Natalie and I don't get sick often, but we're both sick right now. But Diego? Nada. I'm starting to believe that having a permanent positive state of mind and a good sense of humor is really good for your health. Diego has both. And in a much higher degree than the rest of us in the family!