Much love to all the Moms in the world!
If you Believe in Magic, Magic will Happen!

My Precious Daughter.

Natalie 1 con fondo small

I can't believe that Natalie is turning 9 years old today. I still remember every detail from the day when she was born. My tiny premature baby has become one of the most special people that I know. I feel extremely honored to be her Mom. Natalie was born way before the due date. She was so ready to come out that the Dr. couldn't make it to the hospital on time. She was so pretty and vibrant. Bill held her in one of his hands, I couldn't believe how small she was and how pretty.

Natalie is a sponge, she captures everything from life around her. And she wants to learn on her own. I have never felt like a teacher to Natalie, I feel more like her student. As a Mom all I do is to make sure that she knows how much I lover her and how amazing I think she is. 

I know that my girl will be doing great things with her talents in the future. Time is going fast, we only get to have her with us for 9 more years. At 18 Natalie will be ready to fly away and find her own voice in the world. In the meantime I want to enjoy her presence as much as possible and I want to learn from her as much as possible.

Happy Birthday Natalie!


Mom :)