Rojo is Coming to Life!!!!
Six Unique Brooches.


Bell 1 copy

Hello my friend!

I have been sooo busy. I'm still very busy. My brother Alex came from Miami as I told you before. He installed my beloved ceramic kiln and now I have the basic infrastructure to start my ceramic adventure. Yay!!

After Alex left I realized that I needed to do a major de-cluttering in my studio so I starting working on it. I have been donating lots of things to GoodWill. I hope that some creative people find the supplies and books that I'm donating. 

I have a lot to do other than cleaning up. My shows and other projects keep getting closer and closer to the deadline. But I'm excited about everything. Soon I will be blogging about a series of beautiful brooches that I finished recently. They will be available for reservation.

The picture above is a new necklace. A bell-shaped pendant with a woman painted on the front of it. The woman's legs are painted inside the bell. Very cute :) I need to take more pictures of it...

Have a wonderful day!

Elsita :)