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Rojo is Coming to Life!!!!


Remember how a long time ago I talked about my brand new kiln that I named Rojo? Believe it or not that was in 2010, two years ago! Well, today is the lucky day when my beautiful kiln is finally starting to come to life. My brother Alex is here from Florida on a mission: to install my beloved Rojo, so I can finally use it.


Yay!!! We just came back from Home Depot where we got all the elements for the installation. We took the kids with us. While my brother was doing all the serious work finding the parts I put Natalie and Diego in a cart and took them for a ride all over the place. They were in heaven. Natalie said that we were in a movie set. Diego said: This is not a movie set, this is Disneyland!. The thing is that they found Home Depot to be a fun place. I totally agree, it's one of my favorite places ever.

Now as I write this post my brother is starting the installation, it takes a lot of work. We expect to be done by tomorrow or Monday. Yay!!!!! I am soooo happy!!!!