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Five New Pendants.

I love my Girl. She's an old soul.

  Natalie's note

It amazes me how mature Natalie if for her age (only 8). I love it when she's able to express her own frustrations and find a positive way out of them. She wrote this note because one of her good friends has been absent from school for a couple of days. Natalie misses her a lot. 

It's been a hard time for me as well because I miss Billy (Natalie's Dad) who has been traveling a lot. Bill makes great jokes just like Camille. As you can imagine it's hard not having Bill's jokes in my life ;). But as Natalie said: we have to live life forward and not backwards. Meaning that she's going to see her friend again soon and I am going to see Bill soon as well. Looking forward to the future is good.

I hope that you have a nice and peacefull weekend.

Elsita :)