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Rojo is Coming to Life!!!!


Remember how a long time ago I talked about my brand new kiln that I named Rojo? Believe it or not that was in 2010, two years ago! Well, today is the lucky day when my beautiful kiln is finally starting to come to life. My brother Alex is here from Florida on a mission: to install my beloved Rojo, so I can finally use it.


Yay!!! We just came back from Home Depot where we got all the elements for the installation. We took the kids with us. While my brother was doing all the serious work finding the parts I put Natalie and Diego in a cart and took them for a ride all over the place. They were in heaven. Natalie said that we were in a movie set. Diego said: This is not a movie set, this is Disneyland!. The thing is that they found Home Depot to be a fun place. I totally agree, it's one of my favorite places ever.

Now as I write this post my brother is starting the installation, it takes a lot of work. We expect to be done by tomorrow or Monday. Yay!!!!! I am soooo happy!!!! 

A Helpful Book.


I have a whole library of self-help books. They are such good teachers to me. Good books are real treasures, and this one in the picture is one of them. Do More Great Work is written by a man who has a gift for understanding the anatomy of great work. Here we're talking about quality work, the one that is meaninful and that makes us feel really proud of ourselves. 

I agree with the author: whatever work we do is basically bad work, good work or great work. In which one of these three places do we spend most of our time? Watch the little video below to have an idea of what bad work, good work and great work is. One thing is for sure: we all have the potential to do great work most of the time. 


Five New Pendants.

5 art pendants small

Here are some new necklaces made out of paperclay painted with acrylic paint. Each one comes with a sweet black ball chain. They are so special in person! I give them a really nice finish that includes several layers of matte varnish. When the surface is very dry I apply some aromatic oil to make them water proof. They look beautiful on a black background. I hope that you enjoy looking at them :)


1.3/4" x 3/4" (2cm x 4,5cm) SOLD OUT.


2" x 1.3/4" (5cm x 4cm)  SOLD OUT.

Pendant 3 copy

2" x 1.5" (5,5cm x 4cm) SOLD OUT.

1 copy

2.1/4" x 1.5" (5,5cm x 3,5cm) SOLD OUT.


2" x 1.1/4" (5cm x 3cm) SOLD OUT.


I love my Girl. She's an old soul.

  Natalie's note

It amazes me how mature Natalie if for her age (only 8). I love it when she's able to express her own frustrations and find a positive way out of them. She wrote this note because one of her good friends has been absent from school for a couple of days. Natalie misses her a lot. 

It's been a hard time for me as well because I miss Billy (Natalie's Dad) who has been traveling a lot. Bill makes great jokes just like Camille. As you can imagine it's hard not having Bill's jokes in my life ;). But as Natalie said: we have to live life forward and not backwards. Meaning that she's going to see her friend again soon and I am going to see Bill soon as well. Looking forward to the future is good.

I hope that you have a nice and peacefull weekend.

Elsita :)


Missing Link.

Missing link all copy

A missing Link copy


A missing Link detail 1 copy

Title: Missing Link.

Acrylic paint on wood


Sometimes we find pieces of ourselves in other people...That's the main idea behind this painting.

Also, I'm excited about the lime hue in this piece :)

Diego's Homework.

Diego's homework small


Diego can write really nicely. Sometimes it is so perfect that it looks like an adult writing. BUT when he gets hit by inspiration magic things happen :)


Invisible Words.

Words in Silence. copy


B copy


C copy

This series of paintings is coming out straight from a deep inner place. Nothing is more rewarding than creating from the heart. It makes you feel connected with yourself and with the universe.

Have you noticed how the most meaningful things  are usually said without words? This painting is about that, about connecting with yourself in the quiet language of the soul.

Title: Invisible Words.

Acrylic paint on wood.

10" x 10"


A Woman Hiding in a Drop of Water.

SMALL A Woman Hiding in a Drop of Water 1

 smallA Woman Hiding in a Drop of Watera


3 copy

2 copy

Here is my latest painting. The idea behind it comes from some sort of poem that has been in my mind lately. This painting is a visual representation of it. 

I don't know how to write a poem properly, so here is my attempt to describe it with words.

A minuscule woman swims in water. Water in the shape of a drop. This water that contains itself and the woman is so small that nobody notices. The woman starts drowning, not in the water, but in her own fear to become invisible. As a blue bird approaches, the woman starts singing a good bye song, a song that sounds like the wind. The bird sees the drop of water and drinks it quickly. The woman wakes up to realize that it was only a dream.

Something tells me that this has to do with my friend Debra's departure. Even though she's not physically alive anymore, her spirit is vibrantly present in my heart.

Title: A Woman Hiding in a Drop of Water.

Measurements: 10" x 10"

Materials: Acrylic paint on wood.


A Hand that Wants to be a Wing.

1a copy

2b copy

3c copy

4d copy

Here is a new piece that I wanted to share with you. It could be for the show in Miami, Florida or for another show that I have in Panama this year. I love this painting in person so much. The text inside the hand is in Spanish and it says:

"A la mano que se mantiene abierta por un largo periodo de tiempo empiezan a salirle plumas y luego se convierte en ala."

Here is an attempt to translate this idea into English:

"A hand that is held open for a long period of time begins to sprout feathers and then it turns into a wing."

Title: Mano Convirtiendose en Ala. (Hand Turning into a Wing)

Measurements: 10" x 10"

Materials: Acrylic paint on wood.


(A mis amigos que leen Espanol, disculpen que no he usado acentos. Es que el typewriter desde donde escribo no los tiene :0)