Femina Plantarum. (#2)
Femina Plantarum. (#3)

One of a Kind Pendants.

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I'm so excited about these necklaces!

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This is an idea that I wanted to materialize for a long time. The other day I finally started working on it. But I had to push myself to go to bed because I  didn't want to stop. It was very late at night and I was still working. I had the best time painting all the tiny details. These pendants look so much nicer in person. I gave the surface a waxy finish that is very attractive to the eye.

Materials: Paperclay painted with acrylic paint and finished with several layers of matte varnish (for the waxy finish). The antique-bronze-looking chain is included.

If you want to reserve one of these necklaces just write me an e-mail: elsammora@gmail.com or send me an Etsy conversation.

Each one is $55.


Only one pendant available: #1