Femina Plantarum. (#1)
One of a Kind Pendants.

Femina Plantarum. (#2)

Origanum Dictamnuscopysmall


Growing hurts. Transformation is a bumpy ride full of obstacles, but it is the only way to progress. As Frederick Douglass said: "If there is no struggle, there is no progress." I have witnessed the truth behind these words over and over again from my own experience and from observing other people. 

Based on this idea I felt the urge to create a series of works that were visually provocative. Something that suggested growth and transformation. Something that shaked my senses a little bit. That's how I started working on Femina Plantarum.

I think that growth has a lot to do with reaching into dark places and with being brave enough to look at those places in the eye. For the tree to grow strong and healthy there is always the roots deeply embedded in the darkness of the soil. To become a strong and emotionally healthy person we need to deal with the dark side of life. 

Light and darkness, day and night: two sides of a coin. We need to embrace both, the positive and the negative aspects of life because both are part of what we are. In order to go/grow in the right direction and to make good use of our potential we need to be in peace both sides of the coin.