Five amigos. The power of a smile :)
A Call from my Inner Nature.

Work in Progress.

2012 has been such a busy year for me so far! Bill's Mom is visiting. We haven't stopped doing things every single day. Bill came back from his trip to Europe. Natalie and Diego have more homework this year so they need more support from me (they're both doing really well!).

Vissionary copy

Picture: A little advance of my latest miniature book. The title is: Visionary. I can't wait to finish it.

Everything is great except that the lights inside my head are always on. That means that I cannot sleep well because I am sooooo inspired this year! I turn off the lights in my bedroom at night so I can go to sleep but then I cannot turn off the lights inside my head. I can't stop thinking about what I want to make as soon as I have time. This sounds positive but the problem is that I wake up so tired. Getting a good sleep is very important. I need my brain to slow down at night instead of the opposite.

But I have great news! I got a super nice app for my iPad and it's really helping. It is a beautiful voice telling you all the right things so your brain can finally take it easy and let go. When I use it I fall asleep easily. Well, that's exactly the name of the app: Sleep Easily. Now I have to convince my brain to use it more often. You know how it works, sometimes you REALLY want to do something but your brain refuses to follow the plan. Making our brain do what we want will always be a work in progress :)