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Pushing the Envelope.

I am so grateful that Bill got this book for me. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. This extraordinay man was way far from perfect, as the rest of us, but his qualities and accomplishments are such an inspiration. I highly recommend this book, particulary to creative people. 


If I had to name a single practical lesson from Steve Jobs that I learned from this book I would say: Stay focused. Get rid of innecessary distractions and define exactly what is it that you want to accomplish in your life. He had the ability to put all his energy, heart, soul and body on a clear objetive until he got the best results possible. His search for excellence inspired lots of people to give the best of them as professionals.

There is a common feeling that we all have as humans beings, we know that we can do better than we're doing right now but sometimes we lack the self confidence, willpower or the strenght to push ourselves out of the comfort zone in order go after more ambitious horizons. Steve Jobs was constantly pushing the envelope and seeing ahead of his time. He was fearless and never stopped following his dreams. He was a visionary. 

I invite you to watch his inspiring speech below, it is very moving: