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My Friend's Story. Helping one Another.

To purchase the original drawings and papercuts that you see on this post please follow THIS LINK. Your purchase will be highly appreciated. One hundred percent of the sales will go to Rosa and her 3 children. Please read the story about my friend below:

 smallMother Bird

Title: Mother Bird.

Rosa and I met for the first time in Diego's school playground. We became instant friends. Rosa comes from Mexico. She's tall, svelte and has a very friendly expression on her face. Her personality is soft and calm. She is such a generous and wise woman. Rosa is the mother of 3 children age 6, 9 and 12. They all go to Diego's school. The six year old boy as well as the 12 year old girl are Autistic just like Diego. They're very high funtioning in the spectrum so they attend regular classes. They are great kids, very well behaved and sensitive.

Good Morning small
Title: Good Morning.

Before the holidays Rosa's husband had a stroke. He has been in a comma ever since. Unfortunately his brain is so damaged that he won't be able to come back from the comma. He will be disconnected from artificial life sometime this week. Rosa wanted to wait for the children to be back to their normal routine after the winter break. As you can imagine there is no easy way to deal with something that difficult.

The world in my hand

Title:The World in my Hands.

Rosa is an amazing mother, she has strong instints about how to do in order to help her children deal with this tragedy. But then, there is the pressure of life. She works as a maid, as you can imagine her income is very tiny. Her husband's contribution to the family economy was key. Now she finds herself alone and responsible for taking care of her 3 children, 2 of them with special needs. The feeling is overwhelming. 

Self-Reliance1 small

Title: Self-Reliance Exercise.

I talked with our school principal yesterday so very soon we will start organizing a fundraiser in order to support Rosa and her family. I don't think that we will be able to raise a lot since the majority of our school families have low income. But anything will help. I also want to contribute a grain of sand with my art. I found a group of original artworks in my studio that I have already listed on Etsy. See all the images in the body of this post in case you would like to purchase one. 100% of the profits will go to my friend. The sooner she gets this help the better.

Best Friends small
Title: Best Friends.

Based on their age, Rosa's children have reacted to this tragedy in individual/different ways. The first reaction was of course hope: Mom, do you think that maybe Dad will get better? Rosa has been very honest from the beginning so she said, unfortunately no. The 12 year old is confused and a bit angry: Why? Why did this happened? The 9 year old has been very concerned about the future: Are you going to bring a stepdad to our house? The 6 year old is still trying to make sense of everything. But in general non of them have really gotten to the point where they really understand that Dad will never be back.

Eight Small Dogs small

Title: Eight Small Friends.

I have offered Rosa to help as much as possible with the children. They will be coming to my house this weekend. I want to take them closer to the bright side of life through art. They need to do activities that help them express their feelings in  a way that they enjoy. Aftear reading several articles about how to deal with children that lost a parent I have a much better idea about how to help.

Little Red Riding Hood small

Rosa and I talk every morning, she needs to feel the support from her friends so I will always be there for her, it makes a great difference. Somehow we're always able to find a little bit of humor in our conversations so when we say good bye she goes to work with a smile on her face. That tiny smile means the world to me.

Time small

As we know it is impossible to control the things that life brings to us. Rosa couldn't do anything to stop that tragedy from happening. But thank God there is the healing power of time. When tragedy hits we need to understand that little by little things will get better. The mind will adapt to the changes and one day we will feel like we're back to normal. I know that that day will arrive for my friend and her 3 children. In the meantime I will do everything in my modest power to ease their pain. 

If you want to write a little note to Rosa in Spanish (she can read a little bit of English as well so feel free to write in English if you don't write Spanish) please send it to my e-mail:  Just write ROSA on the subject. I'm sure that she will appreciate them very much.

Thanks a lot in advance!

I deeply appreciate the fact that you took the time to read this post.

Love and peace,