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See the original story here: Lion Cub Rescued by Mother.

These dramatic photographs were taken by wildlife photographer Jean-Francois Largot in Kenya in August of 2011. When I saw them for the first time my heart experienced many emotions.

In the pictures you see a small cub in danger to lose his life. The mother is desperate knowing how extreme the situation is. Other brave members of the group try to save the cub but only the mother takes the risk to go down the cliff. She goes down to rescue her baby and then with great struggle she goes back up with her treasure.

That mother Lion represents one of the most amazing and beautiful aspects of nature: the potential to take risks for something that is really important to us. The most crucial moment in this sequence of photographs is when the mother lion goes down the cliff. She had the courage to risk her own life in order to save her cub. I want to keep that picture in mind forever.

Now let's think about the things that we want to do in life but we're not brave enough to go for. How many times do we stay at the edge of the cliff, afraid and unsure about taking risks? If we love something hard enough, not only our kids but our ideas, our dreams...we will gather enough courage to jump into any adventure, not matter how risky it could be. If I ever find myself in a situation where I'm afraid of pursuing a dream I am going to think about the lion mother going down the cliff. A good dream, as much as a child, is worth risking everything.