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Five amigos. The power of a smile :)

Hola copy1

Everybody has a mission in life. The mission of these five amigos is to make people smile :) Each member of this family is one of a kind, but there is something that they all have in common: their ear-to-ear smile.

I know that scientists have been studying the response of human brain to smile. It seems like smiling has some super powers. But you don't need to be a scientist to know that. Here is a simple experiment that someone did on his way to work.

These five amigos have been making me smile for several months. They have been sitting close to my computer desk for a while. It amazes me how happy they are all the time. I haven't seen any of them cry or have a serious face, ever. I wonder what their secret is ;)

After doing such a great job in my studio I have granted these five amigos permission to move in with a new owner. If you would like to adopt any of them just let me know. The adoption fee is $55 per amigo. Just drop me an e-mail @

They don't need a lot of room since their height is about 3.5" only.


Update: amigo #3 is already sold.