Happy Holidays from the Horbergs!
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What is a Year?

We're starting a new year. But what is a year? According to Wikipedia a year "is the orbital period of the Earth moving around the Sun"... You and I are, in this very second, moving around the sun. It is such a subtle motion that we don't even notice it.


A year

We could say that in 12 months we're going to be back where we are now. But the thing is that we're not going to be exactly the same person that we are today. Life is a circular journey. Each full circle around the sun leaves a mark in us. Each new year is an opportunity for each person on planet Earth to learn something new, to be exposed to new experiences.


Sometimes things seem to speed up or slow down in our lives, but that is just an ilusion, it is the way we perceive ourselves and the events in which we are involved. The truth is that if we observe the universe as a whole with us in it we will notice that nature moves in a steady and consistent speed. We need to keep that in mind, we need to be in sync with nature in the outside as well as in the inside. 

I notice that life gets out of balance when we get disconnected from the big picture, when we see only the tree and not the forest, when we lose perspective of what the universe is and what we are in that universe. We, as human beings, tend to complicate everything. But in the end it is all pretty simple. We will go around the sun as many times as we're lucky to. A few of us get to do it 100 times, some of us much less. This is my 41st time! I feel really lucky.

During our yearly circular journey we will face different experiences; positive ones and negative ones. It is totally up to us what we are going to make out of those experiences. The time that we spend responding to those experiences and the way we interpret them will define what our lives will be in the next few months.

Nature 444 photos-1

I invite you to keep going in this common journey with a very positive mind. No matter what our challenges are or will be, let's keep in mind that we always have the power to chose positive over negative. And since traveling solo is not as fun as traveling with company, I am looking forward to sharing my own journey with you!

Happy New Year!

Elsita :)